OK, when was someone going to let us know that is an eyewear designer? It appears that he started the brand in July 2013, and the company produced campaign images, some of which star the one and only Annie Murphy (aka Alexis)! But obviously she could pass for a sunglasses model. Even though D.L. Eyewear stopped posting content on Instagram in November 2014, if you head over to the site, there’s an announcement that “Something new is coming soon,” and a lot of the sunglasses and opticals, retailing for less than $200 CAD, are still available to shop.

D.L. Eyewear runs with the slogan “see with love,” and all the designs on the site are supersleek with a touch of color and quirk — it’s funny, that’s exactly how we’d describe Levy himself. We reached out to a representative to see how soon we can expect more styles from Dan (now that , perhaps he has more time on his hands?). Watch this space and we’ll let you know what we find out, but until then, read ahead to shop what’s still available from the old collection — personally, I’m a fan of the Astley, and I feel like Alexis would be, too.