All pictures © Helena Hauss, shared with authorization

Paris-based artist Helena Hauss juxtaposes the domestic feminity associated with delft-style porcelain as well as the strength of barbed weapons. Her sculptural series, titled Heck Hath no Fury, is made up of an axe, explosive, spiked bat, and morning celebrity, each of which is garnished with floral motifs.

Hauss shares with Colossal that she wishes to disrupt ideas that females are the “weak sex” and also chooses instead for a message of empowerment. “As well often portrayed as vulnerable and delicate, this job is an expression of the contrasting nuances that come with feminineness, as well as an effort at vindication from a feeling of constant vulnerability that’s been forced upon us,” she says. “In contrast to what you may believe, we’re not made of glass, porcelain, or crystal. We’re not gon na damage, we’re using complete metal jackets, as well as we prepare to combat back.”

To watch even more of the Hauss’s subversive sculptural works, head to Instagram and also Behance.

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