You wear jewelry around your neck, wrists, and in your earswhy not make some jewelry for you hair? With this DIY Hair Bun Cuff tutorial, I take feathers, crystals, bangle bases and glue and create sparkly hair jewelry.

A simple bangle base can be used as a wrap around your topknot or bun. Choose an adjustable bangle base here to make sure it can tighten to fit the bunsimply wrap around hair after securing your bun with a hair tie. Tighten to fit bun as needed.

With the rise of festival fashion and Coachella style, these hair accessories fit right in for spring and summer!

Make them in all colors using bright feathers and crystal accents, even druzy cabochons (purple design).

Switch up your Bun Cuff depending on your outfit! I’ll show you how to make your very own, added with charm dangles (optional). Let’s begin!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are feathers in a mix of colors, cabochon accents (with flat back for gluing), bead dangles or charms (optional), felt, wire or headpins for the bead dangles or charms (optional), Gem-Tac, and adjustable bangle bases. Make sure these bangle bases are thin (mine are about .25″ wide) and your large jump rings (10mm or larger) can fit around if wanting to add bead dangles. Scissors are needed and roundnose pliers are optional.

Step 2: Cut small pieces of feathers (about 1-2″ long) in a mix of colors. Cut a felt strip approx. 1.5″ long by .75″ wide (depending on how long you cut your feathers).

Step 3: Glue the feathers in layers on the top half of the felt, using glue in between each feather.

I added a few more feathers for color. Let all the glue dry fully.

Step 4: To adhere the feathers to the bangle, add glue to the center of the metal bangle. Press on the underside of the felt, at the bottom of the feathers. Add glue at the top part of the felt’s underside, and wrap the felt up around the bangle, pressing it against the glue to adhere. The black felt at top of bangle in the picture (without feathers) is what wraps up to connect to the glued part.

Press together tightly and let the glue dry.

Once your glue dries, your feathers should stand tall and sturdy. Don’t skimp on the glue!

Choose your accent piece.

Step 5: Glue the accent piece over the bottom of the feathers to clean up / hide any edges. Let dry.

If you want any charm dangles, choose your beads and accents. Use headpins to create bead drops, and wrap with wire if you want a rustic look. If you don’t prefer charms, skip the rest of these steps!

Add jump rings to the top of each charm.

Connect all charms to a large (10mm or 12mm) jumpring and secure around bangle. If you use a bangle so large that it won’t fit jump rings, you can always wire wrap them on.

Simply place around bun (after securing with a hair tie) to rock the look! The charms dangle down and add a bit of sparkle and movement.

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Thanks for reading!

How else do you use crafting to accessorize? Let us know below in the comments!

My name is Allison Beth Cooling, and I am a craft addict! I am a Chicago-based graphic designer, photographer and jewelry artist. I started my blog, The Quiet Lion, in the summer of 2011. My blog is devoted to DIY-ing jewelry using all types of techniques and materials. My personal design aesthetic focuses on chic, bohemian pieces that can be mixed and matched (I love layering jewelry!) to create unique, eclectic looks!
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