1 – Yes, they finally ran the flea-flicker than I’ve been begging for about 15 years. No, it didn’t work at all, but that’s Ok. They ran it, and I think they should try it again, maybe on a day when the running game is working a little better.

So, excuse me if I’m willing to describe this game as an “ugly” win. This coming from the guy on Tuesday that picked a freakin’ tie. A tie? Yes, I’m embarrassed by it, but with everything the Cowboys were dealing with, picking them didn’t seem right. Then again, with the Saints’ injuries and QB situation, I couldn’t pick them either. So I went with the tie, although by kickoff Thursday night, I sort of had the hunch the Cowboys might be ready to turn the tide a little.

Ok, so the offense sputtered to run the ball … until they broke free with a huge run for a game-breaking touchdown. Isn’t that how it works? Offensive coordinators, including Kellen Moore just a few weeks ago, often get criticized for not sticking to the run. Well, the Cowboys weren’t having any success, especially in between the tackles, but finally got one to bust open with Tony Pollard.

There was nothing ugly about that run, as Pollard, for the second week in a row, finds a way to out-run guys who have an angle on him. That break-away speed is such a weapon because he gave the Cowboys a jolt when they needed it the most.

And let’s stick with the offense. No, it wasn’t perfect at all, but when they had to make plays, like backed up near the end zone with a 10-point lead, credit Dak and CeeDee Lamb for making some big plays to give the offense that much-needed breathing room.

And on the second play of the game, when he rolled out and threw back to the middle and was almost picked off by Leighton Vander Esch, I made a prediction right there. Ok, you snuck a pass by LVE there, but do that again and you’ll be picked off 2-3 times.

And while Trevon Diggs got him yet another pick – his ninth of the year – and DeMarcus Lawrence returned to add a spark, and the Cowboys are waiting to get Randy Gregory back for the next game, this defense is led by Micah Parsons.