Fashion is usually associated with youth, but take one look at the dapper styles of Günther Krabbenhöft and Britt Kanja and you’ll see that age has nothing to do with it. They are both impeccably dressed. The 75-year-old Krabbenhöft often dons a three-piece suit complete with a variety of hats, while Kanja has no shortage of statement-making accessories and elegant dresses. It’s clear that the world is their runway, and every time they’re out and about, it’s a live fashion show.

This isn’t the first time that Krabbenhöft has been recognized for his style. Five years ago, he went viral for outfits consisting of a bowtie and vest that was coupled with a pair of tapered jeans and lace-up boots. He emerged as a sensation in the Berlin fashion scene and hasn’t stopped since. Krabbenhöft is now a model managed by MARTA PR, and he even wrote a book called . The book centers around wisdom that Krabbenhöft has gained throughout his years. “Hey, no matter what happens to you, if you think you’ve failed in life, the day will come when you see weakness as strength,” Krabbenhöft says of the book. “Only in retrospect do I recognize my own days of despair, and can appreciate them.”

With that optimistic perspective, Krabbenhöft has learned to appreciate all life has to offer—and it shows. His social media showcases not only his scene-stealing looks, but him enjoying Berlin’s culture with Kanja and friends of all ages.

Günther Krabbenhöft and Britt Kanja are fashion icons that prove stunning style exists at any age.

Photo: Britt Kanja

They also prove that dancing has no age.

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