There’s no way Trump was ever going to get a picture with Kate or William, but I love even more that there’s a picture of Kate talking with Justin Trudeau. Ha, in your face, DONNIE! – (Lainey)

Matt Lauer doesn’t like the way people are talking about and treating him! Oh, no! Heavens to Betsy. Ask anyone how much they care, MATT. – (Celebitchy)

I didn’t post about Lil Bub’s death earlier this week because a) SO SAD, and b) I assumed someone here would write a loving tribute to that adorable little cat. That didn’t happen. ANYway, Lil Bub’s cremains may be shot into space – you know, like the star she was. (Clearly I don’t understand astrology astronomy. It’s fine. Move along.) – (Dlisted)

Emma Stone got engaged! She met her fiance on SNL when she hosted back in 2016. He’s a segment director and — GASP! — friends and former roommates with Kyle Mooney. – (HuffPo)

Taraji P. Henson talks openly about menopause and mental health in the Black community. God, I love her! – (The Glow Up)

Anti-Vaxxers want to re-brand themselves. Twitter said fuck that. – (Scary Mommy)

Want to watch ALL the Star Wars and get paid $1000 for it? – (Thrillist)

I would have picked “Worst-timeline,” but went with a different Word of the Year. – (THR)

Hillary Clinton talked to Howard Stern today (I KNOW, I’m as shocked by it as you are!) and confirmed that George W. Bush did, in fact, whisper, “Well, that was some weird shit” to her after Trump’s Inauguration speech. – (Yahoo)

George Trash Zimmerman is apparently trying to sue Trayvon Martin’s family for $100 million. I’m not going to link to anything because it’s a bogus suit and all of the articles say the same thing. Instead, I’m going to post this Facebook response from Natalie Jackson, a PI/Wrongful Death Lawyer in Orlando, Fl, who has the credentials to back up her claims. h/t Trouble

When a colleague over-ordered Matthew Bolton’s How To Resist: Turn Protest into Power, ASKReviews was intrigued enough to pick it up. She likes a practical book. “A big protest is a great show of force, but to make change you have to be intentional and pick very specific actions that you want your elected officials or company leaders to make.” Is it time to learn effective methods of protest? (Cannonball Read 11)