Every time Meghan Markle was allegedly unpleasant to the Royal Family

Many Royal Family members have come and gone over the years, but it looks as though some have been able to make more of an impact than others. Princess Diana was once the talk of the town until her tragic passing in August, 1997. But while Diana still remains beloved by most of the world, another Royal Family member has been attracting some negative attention to herself. We’re talking, of course, about Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex is now one of the most recognizable faces in the Royal Family. Sadly, it appears as though not everyone is happy that she has become a part of one of the most prestigious families in the world – including the royals themselves. That’s right; it appears as though Meghan has made quite the impression on her in-laws thanks to every time she has been rude to someone within the Royal Family.

Making a bad impression

There have been many royal weddings over the years, but it seems as though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s big day was about to take things to a whole new level. The couple tied the knot back in May, 2018. However, this was only the beginning for Meghan.

Making a bad impression

The new Duchess was about to become the talk of the world. She might have just become a Royal, but it appears that Meghan’s time in the limelight isn’t always for the right reasons – especially when it comes to her relationship with her new family. In fact, it has come out she’s apparently been quite rude to them on more than one occasion.

Building a relationship with our in-laws can be a tough time for many of us. After all, it might not be long before we find ourselves having to try and win over our new family as we try to build relationships with our new family members. So what about when you have the rest of the world watching your every move, too? While many of us have it tough, it looked as though Meghan’s life was about to be even more difficult.

Collision of worlds

Meghan and the rest of the Royal Family come from two different worlds. The Duchess of Sussex was born and raised in Hollywood while the royals have spent their entire lives helping to rule an entire nation. It looked as though the collisions were about to show themselves before the wedding even took place. Apparently, making her way into the family wasn’t going to be an easy ride.

Meghan has been a part of the Royal Family since her wedding to Harry in 2018, but in the relatively short time since it appears as though the Duchess has been able to make a significant impact on the rest of her new family – and the public. Many love Meghan and believe that she breathes a new life into the family as her hard work and dedication appears to be rubbing off on many others.

Earning her name

However, some fear that there could be more to the story than meets the eye. It turns out that various members of staff working in Kensington Palace have  referred to Meghan as Duchess Difficult thanks to her apparent demanding ways. It looks as though there have been many times that Meghan Markle has been rude to the Royal Family, too, as well as breaking a few of their rules along the way.

Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement in October 2017. It didn’t take long for Meghan to clash with many of us future family members – even before the couple had walked down the aisle. Many brides want their big day to be as perfect as possible, and it seemed as though Meghan was no exception. The Duchess invited Princess Charlotte to be a bridesmaid for the day.

The dress fitting

Meghan, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charlotte all arrived for one of the dress fittings, but Meghan wasn’t happy with the results. It’s said that she was overly rude and demanding to everyone in the room and it wasn’t long before Kate was reported to run from the room in floods of tears. The stressful bridesmaids dress fitting was merely the beginning of a major rift supposedly forming between the family. Could the royal wedding really be that important? Apparently so.

Many royals have been lucky enough to tie the knot in some of the most picturesque locations across the nation. Meghan and Harry soon chose St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle as the perfect place to hold their wedding, but the Duchess soon found some things that needed to change before she would be a part of the wedding. Meghan felt as though the church had a musty smell and wanted staff to use atomizers to give the whole space a fresher scent instead.

An unwanted smell

This didn’t sit well with anyone at the palace, including many members of the Royal Family. In fact, the team soon refused to adapt to Meghan’s demands. They stated that if the chapel is good enough for The Queen to use for her many visits, then it was good enough for Meghan’s big day. Many couldn’t believe how far the Duchess was willing to go.

Many eyes are all on the bride as she arrives for her big day, and everyone was excited to see Meghan’s wedding dress and outfit. However, it seems as though things could have once been so different. Many believed Meghan wanted an emerald tiara.

Demanding her jewels

It’s said that Harry even demanded that Meghan got the accessories she chose until The Queen stepped in and announced that Meghan would be given what she was told and not to be so rude to the family with her decisions.

Meghan was settling into life within the Royal Family when it looked as though her relationship with her sister-in-law was about to take a turn. Many believed the two women were growing close as it looked as though Kate was showing Meghan the ropes.

Defending her staff

That was until Meghan apparently scolded a member of Kate’s staff. That was enough for the Duchess of Cambridge to supposedly step in and remind Meghan not to be so rude to her team, and that she should remember her place in the family.

Trying to build bridges

It’s believed Kate Middleton and Prince William wanted to try and build bridges with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It’s said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge invited Meghan and Harry to spend some time together after Christmas 2018.

Trying to build bridges

This could have been the perfect chance to put the past behind them and build a relationship with one another. However, it’s believed Meghan soon rejected their offer as the pair wanted to spend time as a couple instead. This was quite the rejection.

The cause of the rift

There have been many reports about a rift between the Fab Four as people worry there are troubles between Meghan and Harry, and Kate and William. Some even feel as though Meghan could be the cause of the split between the brothers.

The cause of the rift

Insiders report The Queen summoned Meghan to her private reception. This is somewhere no one ever wanted to end up. It’s believed The Queen laid out a new set of rules for Meghan to follow as she demanded the new Duchess change her ways.

The royals often have many dress codes to follow. Some are set in stone while others are unwritten rules that have become a part of many of their lives over the years. That was all about to change as Meghan started to perform her Royal duties.

Left exposed

The Duchess was often spotted with bare shoulders – something that goes against many Royal traditions. Many believed this was Meghan’s way of putting her own mark on the family, even if it did mean going against The Queen’s rules.

The news of the latest royal baby soon took over the world as we learned that Meghan and Harry were expecting their first child. However, the rest of the royals got to learn before the rest of the world – at the cost of a wedding.

Outshining the couple

It’s thought that Meghan and Harry shared their news while attending Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Eugenie apparently stormed out of her wedding reception as she couldn’t believe Meghan had used her big day to try and outshine the bride to spread her own news instead.

Learning all of those fashion rules can be tough for anyone joining the Royal Family. So how did Meghan still not get the memo about her nail polish in December 2018, seven months after walking down the aisle with Harry?

Keeping things colorful

The Duchess arrived at the British Fashion Awards as she showed off her growing baby bump. However, people couldn’t help but notice her colored nails. Could this be another way of taking a dig at the rest of the royals by making her own rules?

Many of Meghan’s outfits sell out almost as soon as she is spotted out and about. In fact, it’s since been named the Markle Effect as thousands scour the internet for anything Meghan wears. One of the many fashions? Her wedged shoes.

Following her footsteps

Although Kate Middleton has often been spotted in her wedges, it looks as though both women have gone against one of The Queen’s rules. It’s thought Her Majesty isn’t a fan of the style and wants to keep them out of her sight at all times.

The Royal Family often move into houses within Kensington Palace shortly after their marriage. It can be a way for them to grow even closer as a family. Kate and William, and Meghan and Harry were all living among the grounds.

Moving away

That was until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would be relocating to Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of Windsor Castle instead. Many believed this was their way of trying to split up the family and ignore the rules that have been laid in place.

Too close for comfort

It looks as though Meghan’s move wasn’t enough for her to leave her former nickname behind. There have been many reports that the Duchess has now banned people from parking in a parking lot close to Frogmore Cottage.

Too close for comfort

It appears as though she wants to keep the world as far away as possible from her new family. The best bit? People must now apparently park up to a mile away in the other parking lot – even if they are staff members employed by the Royal couple themselves.

Royal babies can soon take over the world’s media as thousands gather to see their arrival on the steps of the Lindo Wing. Not Meghan. The world was shocked when word spread the Duchess would not be taking part in the famous royal tradition with her own birth.

Breaking the traditions

Instead, Meghan had allegedly opted for a home birth, although it was later revealed that she gave birth to Archie at Portland Hospital in London. Unlike her sister-in-law and many royals who came before, Meghan chose to wait two whole days, instead of hours, to show Archie to the world at Windsor Castle.

Many people saw Meghan’s break from the tradition that both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana made famous as a way of carving her own mark on the Royal Family. It was also a way for the Duchess to prove that she will not abide to every rule expected of her, especially when it has to do with her own child.

Ending public relations

The Royal Family, especially the younger generations, have spent many years trying to build a stronger, more open relationship with the public. Now, it looks like Meghan is trying to break it down and remove herself from it all instead.

Battle of the titles

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children all been gifted His and Her Royal Highness titles. Archie, on the other hand, can only receive a subsidiary title such as Earl or Lord since Harry is not the eldest son.

Battle of the titles

It’s believed the Duchess was secretly recorded ranting about the difference in the children’s names and how it isn’t fair they don’t have the same titles. This could explain why Meghan and Harry have still not given Archie a Royal title at all, although some speculate it is to provide a ‘normal’ life for Archie.

During her pregnancy, many rumors spread about Meghan allegedly refusing medical help from doctors who previously worked aside the Queen and Kate Middleton. This, again, was something that people saw as a way of Meghan being her own person and making her own decisions.

Refusing help

The team might have been there and done it all before, but Meghan reportedly didn’t want the Royal Family interfering with her birthing plans, especially if she was planning on having a home birth at the time.

According to Express, Meghan also didn’t want “men in suits” at the birth and even told the Queen that she had her own plans for her medical team that doesn’t involve anyone her grandmother-in-law had recommended that she uses.

Her own team

It seemed as though Meghan had her own team of doctors prepared to step in when they were needed, including a female lead. Meghan seemed determined to do things her own way and not follow the path the rest of the royals have told her.

It turns out that the doctors in question have never charged the Royal Family for any of their treatment even though they could have been entitled to thousands over the years. That changed when Meghan used her own doctors.

Costing a fortune

In fact, the new team of medical professionals could have cost the royals thousands of dollars as they had to pay for all their bills. Meghan had already cost the family a lot of money since the wedding. Could this have been one bill too far?

Many moms want to make sure they always do what is best for their baby, no matter the costs, it appears that Meghan has already started making plans for Archie’s future, including his diet. Sadly, it doesn’t sit well with the royals.

Changing their diet

It’s reported that Meghan hopes to raise Archie as a vegan. There has never been a dedicated vegan in the family before, and it’s thought that The Queen doesn’t see why they should start now.

It turns out that it’s not only her supposed plans to raise Archie as a vegan that has angered the Queen – it’s also the way that Meghan apparently went about making the decision that many believe is a step too far.

Through the grapevine

It appears that the Queen didn’t know a thing until a member of staff informed her about the plans. That’s right; it’s reported that Meghan handed a chef with all of her baby’s dietary requirements and refused to tell the Queen her plans in person.

Meghan and Harry moved many miles away after they left Kensington Palace for Frogmore Cottage. Sadly, it looks as though that wasn’t far enough. In November, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they would be taking some break from their Royal duties.

Family time

Since then, the pair has been enjoying some family time in Canada in what is believed to six-week sabbatical and even missed Christmas with the Queen. However, many are concerned that it’s Meghan’s way of putting even more distance between herself and the family. Perhaps the Duchess is hoping to come out victorious in some way?

Laying down the law

Meghan has been trying walking her own path since joining the Royal Family and doesn’t do the things she doesn’t agree with. That’s the gig when it comes to the Royal Family, and she must accept it.

Laying down the law

The Queen put Meghan in her place in recent weeks by refusing to allow the Duchess of Sussex to have access to the Royal Collection. The collection is filled with jewelry passed down over centuries, but reportedly, the Queen is so annoyed at Meghan’s bad behavior she has cut her off from them.

It is very much expected that members of the Royal Family do not make public announcements themselves, and instead allow the palace to make them. Meghan’s friends recently spoke out about their pal in a good way, but palace insiders are said to be very upset.

Speaking out

It was understood that Meghan okayed the announcement which goes against everything the palace is happy with. Meghan’s friends were defending her after bullying claims came out of the palace when she was alleged to have ordered her staff around a bit too much.

Meghan’s father keeps making the headlines too by speaking about his daughter and palace worried that having the Duchess’ friends speak positively about her would encourage Thomas Markle to speak out.

Aggravating Thomas Markle

They allegedly only found out about her inner circle speaking on her behalf at the last minute, but it was too late for them to stop the story coming out. It’s risky business upsetting the people who are primarily in charge of your PR, but Meghan seems to be living dangerously.

One former palace insider, Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell, claimed that Meghan throwing a lavish baby shower would have annoyed William and Kate. The future King and his wife didn’t have one shower for either of their three children, and Burrell thinks they wouldn’t have approved.

The baby shower

It is important for the royals to remain as understated as possible and Meghan flying to the USA to have a big party is not that. Burrell believed William and Kate would have thought there was no need for the overindulgence.

Meghan has gone through countless personal staff members, all because of her demanding nature according to some sources. Palace insiders believe this high turnover in staff is going to add serious terror concerns to the palace as they had to go on a big recruitment drive.

Security fears

Many job vacancies were advertised and with her baby so close to being born the palace had to rally around and hire quickly. That meant that they might not be able to do thorough enough background checks on new employees, increasing fears of an attack.

Before Meghan was an official member of the Royal Family, she already made headlines and broke protocol. In January 2018, Meghan visited Cardiff Castle in Wales with Prince Harry, and the couple greeted fans who lined the streets.

Signing an autograph

Meghan was very personable, and she even signed a paper for a little girl in the crowd. Royals are not allowed to give autographs, so many people were surprised by Meghan’s actions. However, she didn’t write her name and wasn’t really a Royal yet, so it blew over quickly.

A separate Instagram account

When Meghan became a Royal, she had to delete her social media accounts. In order to share information with the world, Prince Harry and Meghan shared the Kensington Palace Instagram account with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

A separate Instagram account

However, in April, a new Instagram account popped up on our feeds – the Sussex Royal account! Meghan and Harry had split from the Cambridges and started their own account. This sparked more rumors about a feud between the couple, and many people believe that Meghan is the woman behind the account.

On May 2, 2019, Princess Charlotte turned four. In honor of her birthday, her parents shared some adorable pictures on social media. Meghan and Harry commented on the post, wishing their niece a happy birthday.

Botched birthday message

However, they left out a word that angered some people. The post read, “Happy birthday Charlotte! lots of love, H and M xo,” and many noticed that they did not address the little girl by her proper title – Princess. People felt that it was disrespectful.

Recently, insiders revealed another disagreement that Meghan had with the Queen during wedding preparations. Meghan reportedly went to Windsor just before her wedding in order to taste the food that was on the menu.

Eggs in food

Apparently, Meghan thought she tasted egg in one of the dishes, even though she had requested a “macrobiotic alternative”. She started to make a fuss about it, insisting that she could taste the egg. At that point, the Queen stepped in, pulling Meghan aside and telling her that “we don’t speak to people like that.”

Feeling sorry for Kate

In the lead up to the birth of Meghan’s first child, there was some speculation about whether or not she would pose for photos hours after the birth like Kate Middleton did. It soon became clear that she wouldn’t, and an interesting piece of information came to light.

Feeling sorry for Kate

A friend reported that Meghan had “felt sorry” for Kate when she had to get all dolled up for a photo op right after giving birth. That’s not exactly being rude, but it sure is casting an unpleasant light on a royal tradition.

Suddenly, it seems like these grievances are small potatoes. In early 2020, Harry and Meghan dropped a bombshell. In an Instagram post coming completely out of left field, they announced their intention to “step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent.”

The final straw

It quickly became apparent, however, that the two didn’t bother to tell anyone in the Royal Family they were going to do that, thereby offending both the current monarch and two future kings. The Queen was “deeply upset,” a palace source said, while Charles and William were “incandescent with rage.” Naturally, Meghan was quickly blamed for spearheading this breakaway.

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