SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/CNN) — For many San Francisco Bay Area women, a design by Jessica McClintock made their prom night or wedding day even more special.

On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that McClintock “died peacefully in her sleep at home” on February 16. She was 90.

McClintock was best known for her dresses, particularly bridal and prom designs “based on the ideal of romance and beauty,” wrote the Chronicle’s Steve Rubenstein. “Her name became synonymous with milestone events in a woman’s life…christening, prom, graduation, engagement and wedding,” he writes.

According to her website, “Jessica leveraged her humble beginnings and applied what she learned at an early age from her beloved needle trades grandmother to become a multi-generational fashion icon and American success story.”

The website says the “ideal of romance” infuses the McClintock brand. “Jessica was an early adopter of the concept of empowering young women and women of all ages to live their best life with confidence,” it says.

McClintock is survived by her son Scott and will be interred with her family in Presque Isle, Maine. A celebration of her life is planned for later this year in San Francisco.