Skyler Morrison Berman survived a 40-foot fall from a ski lift on Sunday, his mother, fashion designer Rachel Zoe wrote in an Instagram story.

Zoe wrote that Morrison Berman wasn’t on the ski lift when it began to move, and her husband, Rodger Berman, yelled to the operator to stop the lift. 

Ski patrollers saved Morrison Berman by placing a mat where he landed, cushioning the fall, Zoe reported. 

After the fall, Morrison Berman went to an emergency room. Zoe said she and Berman were “scarred for life” by the incident. 

We don’t know where the family was skiing, but we do know that the child is recuperating. The Instagram story shows Morrison Berman in recovery.

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“I’m totally fine. It’s just I’m a little sore,” the nine-year-old said in a video where he stood up and walked around in his pajamas to show viewers he was doing alright.

The incident left Morrison Berman’s parents feeling “shattered and numb,” Zoe wrote, adding that her son was “in great spirits.”

“Sky was braver than either of us, and we continue to just kiss, hug, and simply just stare at him until further notice,” she wrote. “Hug your babies extra from us today.”