MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota fashion model Halima Aden has a new design project: helping create face masks for frontline workers who wear hijabs or turbans.

Aden, who was the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota pageant, teamed up with Allure Magazine and fashion start-up Anywear to bring the idea to life. The masks have caps or buttons, to help tie the mask in the back, over the hijab.

“One of the obstacles was definitely the behind-the-ears face mask,” she said. “As somebody who wears a hijab, it was very hard to adjust. Any time I had to remove a mask I would have to find privacy and so we really wanted to make this range of hijab sets very efficient.”

Aden said it was very important to create this new option so that frontline workers never had to remove a hijab.

“Being somebody who worked in a hospital setting – I was a housekeeper at St. Cloud Hospital even seven months into my modeling career – I know those hassles when it comes to wearing a traditional scarf,” Aden said. “I really wanted to make these turban-hijab sets as efficient, functional, and comfortable as we could possibly make it.”

Aden said the colors of the pieces remind her of tranquility and peace.

To learn more about the masks, click here. For every one sold, one is donated to a healthcare worker.