BLACKPINK is understood for their flawless feeling of style, as well as their songs video attires are no exemption. Numerous appreciate the team for style ideas, and this moment with their fresh decrease for “Ice Lotion” featuring Selena Gomez, the women look extraordinary customarily. However, this time around, BLACKPINK opted for a brilliant as well as sparkling vibe rather than their common fierceness. This indicates that they incorporated all type of stylish, girly pieces and we’re living for it! Right here are the details in from their video attire that we can take motivation from!

1. Jisoo’s matching devices

Matching your tones as well as accessories are a terrific means to look elegant even while offering your attire some pizazz. This is as it develops an appearance of harmony as well as neatness. Jisoo’s headband and also heart waistline pouch are constructed from the same diamanté material, as well as she also matched her earrings to the icy tone.

Did you notice the adorable charms on her black sock-platforms? It will certainly become an amazing pattern! A small information most wouldn’t notice is that she carries the prettiest cherry arm band also, remaining in motif with her lines for the clip!

2. Rosé’s jelly nails

If you look hard sufficient, you’ll see that her nails for this scene are repainted in jelly colors with a cloud concept. This is a trending style around the world as the kitschy, kidult style remains in once more. We like how her eye make-up is kept glowing like her name!

3. Jennie’s upgraded scrunchies

Scrunchies all of a sudden picked up all of this year, and in a huge means. Jennie took it an action additionally, by replacing the typical scrunchie-as-bracelet with beefy Chanel bows! Way to make an expensive declaration, queen!

4. Jennie’s eye makeup

This look is so enjoyable! It advises us of sprays, and also probably that was what the makeup artist was opting for. She has small yellow stars scattered throughout the eyelid, highlighted with an awesome blue wing.

5. It’s all in the information … emergency room, brand names!

Significant shoutout to the brand names that Jisoo as well as Jennie recommend! You can detect items from both Dior and also Chanel spread throughout the video. Below, Jennie adds a touch of her Chanel-girl luxury with Chanel logo suspenders, while Jisoo sporting activities a Dior logo belt.

Jisoo also turns a Dior oblique print scarf right into a top. We like just how she attempted something various from her usual appearances with this hip design.

Dior brand name supervisors will be pleased to keep in mind that Jisoo is literally dressed up in head-to-toe Dior for this appearance. From the oblique print hairband, to the J’ADORE DIOR breastpins on her sweatshirt, also her ring and also locket are from the brand!

In a zoomed out shot, we see that she also has on a matching oblique print belt. Jennie obviously, in a similar way reps Chanel. She has on a Chanel midsection bag, in addition to a Chanel concept hair clip.

Look more detailed as well as you will see that her knit top is classic Chanel, and also she sets it with Chanel pearl pendants.

Got ta rep that Adidas Originals!.?.!! The women are all sporting the same pleated tennis skirt from the brand, which they are international spokesmodels for!

6. The butterfly motif

Butterfly concepts are extremely in the meantime, specifically among teens! Rosé takes this fad additionally by having tattoo sticker labels on her face as component of the make-up look. You can see that there are butterflies on her thumb nails in addition to her pendant, finishing the fad.

7. Massive hair accessories

We claimed kidult (portmanteau of “child” and also “adult”) was picking up right? Both Jennie as well as Lisa have huge hair clips in their hair while Jisoo and also Rosé look pleasant with thick, beefy hairbands.

We are absolutely in love with the song and also clothing for “Ice Lotion”! If you have actually yet to watch it, ensure to catch it listed below. When you’ve tasted it, you will absolutely keep going back for more!