One of the biggest problems with the world of Disney princesses is its lack of diversity — in race, ethnicity, and, especially, in size.

Jonquel Norwood, a New York-based artist who focuses on illustrations that embody plus-size fashion, has witnessed this problem since she was a girl.

“I was body shamed most of my life and… like most, I believed I had to slim down in order to truly be a member of society,” she told Bustle. “I wanted to do my part to make sure no little girl felt the way I did about fashion.”

And the way that she did that was to redraw some of the most iconic Disney princesses with fabulous curves in outfits that took their inspiration from plus-size fashion brands. Here’s how Norwood is making her mark in this important area of art and culture with her series “Magic Has No Size.”

Ariel’s mermaid-green getup took a hint from a dress by Courtney Noelle. If you ask me, she’s looking pretty seashell chic!

Jasmine got a modern update with sheer, flowwy pants and a genie-us (lol) hip accessory.

“This series was created to celebrate the 67% of women who are unrepresented in today’s media,” Norwood told Revelist in a press release.

Curvy Belle was born to show some leg!

Great fashion is enough to even wake Sleeping Beauty.

Norwood hopes her series will “draw attention to those [fashion companies] who have dedicated their brands to dressing curvy women.”

Tiana’s long, matching coat and skin-hugging pants are to absolutely die for. Hope you also caught her matching frog purse.

Snow White’s bomber jacket is inspired by ones made by Lane Bryant and Christian Siriano; her top evokes one by Society+.

Cinderella is super glamorous in an off-the-shoulder, leg-bearing dress. This outfit definitely does NOT expire at midnight.

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