BBNaija champion, simply landed in the city of Dubai for the One Africa Fest and also her followers can not keep back their excitement.Recall that and also Grace had

a rocky partnership during their remain in the BBNaija house, as well as this truly influenced exactly how their followers connect on social media.The mercenaries right away required to social media sites to spread their queen’s check out to

Dubai in a bid to make their queen trend as well as also embarassment the Titans.Some of them required to Twitter to create sweet messages as well as commends for Grace while indirectly mocking Tacha’s loss.See tweets below; “hate that silicon fake ass bitch wit her fake accent”Grace Fans: we enjoy silicon butt.”See this scenting point wit stretch marks making use of butt lift

to make it stand firm.Ndi Titus: Stop bodyshaming ladies. State no to internet harassing Me: Giggling in 60m #MercyTakesDubai #BBNaija!.?.!— Queen La_Doosh( @QueenDoosh27)November 13, 2019 I don’t understand what’s going on over there in Dubai in the meantime o. One thing I’m certain of is that
, Mercy has actually showered. She’s smelling wonderful currently. A neat queen I stan.Tacha paid influencers

, acquired fans, boasted about day 99 in your house which she never saw

Besides that, Mercy still won #BBNaija GRACE IS INDIVIDUAL’S SELECTION BARGAIN WITH IT !! She still continues to be #UndeafeatedMercy #MercyTakesDubai!.?.!— judge judy(@judgement_dayy

) November 13, 2019 I

open my phone #Mercenaries are upset, what’s going on. Who touched our Diamond?Is our lady not pleased in Dubai?

Heck NO she’s having the most effective life, as a matter of fact she
‘s travelling with Ceec and also the women #MercyTakesDubai #MercyTakesDubai Don’t neglect to disregard the Adversary ♂ ♂ ♂ #MercyEke!.?.!This Mercy Victory Sugary food me pass away especially, the what happens if, even if we select not to speak concerning her, they

will certainly do it for us a victor that will not fade away Great to be on a winning team #MercyTakesDubai #BBNaija– victoria sheehama(@vsheehama)November 13, 2019 I really don’t desire battle today, is really hard to neglect them fools but i will certainly attempt and also overlook as well as hype my woman, mercy remains in Dubai enjoying so demand of giving goats scholarship #MercyTakesDubai #MercyEke While dey are hectic attempting to tarnish my baby’s name … Rather than hyping their favorite in peace … My own favorite is active providing dem hot warm … Plz if ur favorite is not in Dubai right currently. Close d fuck up
#MercyTakesDubai!.?.!Dear #Mercenaries Forget all this lengthy thread from de

so called previous slave, Purpose is to sidetrack us. Look at it from one more angle. ⚠ ⚠ Please allow’s FOCUS ON hyping our woman, let them care for their crap. Bear In Mind #MercyTakesDubai #MercyTakesDubai #Bbnaija #MercyEke!.?.!— CHIKIT (@Chinony03068772 )November 13, 2019 The more you troll and try to stain my Queen’s name the more we love !! And Stan more challenging!! Are you not tired currently ?? Well prompt the hate while we keep earning money relocations as well as bagging even more bags.Moreover, my fav is already in Dubai cooling with top celebs. #MercyTakesDubai!.?.!— Ethel_sunshine (@SunshineEthel )November 13, 2019 Individuals I’m gon na act so grown today,

I’ll simply maintain hyping my fave In Dubai and pay no interest to giants (paid)trolling from surulere. It’s everything about the QUEEN of HIGHLIGHTS.And bear in mind if we do not provide,
they will not take it. #MercyTakesDubai!.?.!— Mercy’s supporter (@a4amarachy) November 13, 2019 Tacha stans, at this factor you can just emphasize the anxiety of what would have been had your favorite remained in your house. All of us understand she would certainly have lost still Grace will always control Tacha since she is the Peoples choice not the paid influencers option #MercyTakesDubai!.?.!— #NkechiTheFinLitWorrior(@Ikech_Balogun)November 13, 2019 I have been attempting not to troll anyone, however you view as from today any person that comes for mercy, i will certainly leave my home training if I still have one sef I will be trolling and hyping my Queen at the same time Just wan na cruise, my baby remains in Dubai #MercyTakesDubai #MercyTakesDubai