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USA- Turnabout is fair play, right? Last year, both the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association decided to stick their nose into how police do their jobs, signing on to an effort to convince Congress to create federal standards for police regarding use of force, racial profiling, and police agencies having the opportunity to receive surplus military supplies.

With that in mind, the recent suggestion that cameras be placed in America’s classrooms is an awesome idea! An excellent idea! Long overdue!

In a letter sent last year to congressional leaders, the two largest teachers’ unions signed on to it, in which it was suggested that changes to police practices and oversight will “protect black communities from the systemic perils of over policing, police brutality, misconduct and harassment, and end the impunity with which officers operate in taking the lives of black people.”

Since the teacher’s unions feel that they have the right to insert themselves into the fallacy of systemic police racism, we will respond in kind, stating the position that if body cameras and in-car cameras are good enough to hold police officers accountable, the same standard should be applied to teachers.

After all, we “pay their salaries,” don’t we? That’s what cops always hear.

Matt Walsh talks to Tucker Carlson about the idea of putting cameras in classrooms: “It makes total sense that obviously we should want to know what our kids are being taught when they’re in these government buildings.”

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) July 8, 2021

All of this came about after Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested last week that cameras be placed in public school classrooms. On cue, the leftists freaked out, with the Huffington Post (or is it now “Huff Post”?) accusing Carlson of going “full 1984” with “cameras in the classroom proposal.”

That would almost be laughable if it weren’t so tone deaf…”1984?” Are these the same people who have engaged in the dystopian novel’s version of doublespeak? You know, we called to defund the police for a year, but it’s the Republicans who are defunding the police. That kind of doublespeak.

“1984” is of course the novel written by George Orwell in which he talks about a society where “big brother” (the government) inserts himself into every aspect of people’s lives…you know, kind of like what we are currently experiencing. So Huff Post has zero problem with monitoring what police officers are doing, but teachers? Oh my God! It’s 1984!!!

Huff Post continued:

“Carlson, in a rant reminiscent of something from George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel ‘1984,’” the author whined, “called the teaching that racism is at least partly systemic…a ‘civilization-ending poison’ and ‘B.S.’”

Of course, as John Nolte writes in Breitbart, there is nothing in Carlson’s suggestion that is “reminiscent of something from George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel[.]”

Clearly, Carlson’s suggestion isn’t that the government monitor its citizens but precisely the opposite. Orwell’s novel is exactly the opposite, which shows the government  monitoring what citizens are up to.

Police officers have been told, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” so if turnabout is fair play, what do teachers have to fear?

And what of civilian review boards? They have them for police…why not for teachers? 

One thing that was learned over the past 18 months with probably the only benefit of Zoom learning, is that parents have been able to see exactly what type of indoctrination is being perpetrated upon America’s children. And in many cases, parents are not liking what they have seen.

More recently, parents have become increasingly concerned about critical race theory (CRT) being taught to America’s school children, in some cases as early as kindergarten. As Nolte rightly observed, nowhere in the Huff Post piece does the writer, Lee Moran say why cameras shouldn’t be put in every classroom in the country. All he does is say it’s “1984!”

For at least the last 50-something years, at least since 1964, Americans have been told (and widely accepted) that skin color should be overlooked, and as the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, judged by the content of their character. Critical race theory undoes all of that.

In essence, as Nolte says CRT teaches white children that they are oppressors and black children that they are victims. Despite some on the left claiming that CRT is not being taught, the unions have at least been somewhat transparent about the fact that this is exactly what is being taught, no matter what they call it.

If teachers (and their union handlers) are doing nothing wrong, then what exactly do they have to fear? After Carlson suggested cameras in classrooms, a number of conservatives have jumped aboard the idea, including Mark Levin.

Some have questioned why teachers are so opposed to cameras in their classrooms, and one in particular, Matt Walsh of Daily Wire may have come across at least one of those reasons…sexual misconduct by teachers.

According to a tweet, Walsh referenced a 2004 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education in which it found that 1 in 10 public school students—that’s 10% for you social justice college students—are targets of sexual misconduct by teachers, equating to several million children being victimized at any given time. Is that why some teachers object to cameras in the classroom?

The Department of Education commissioned a study which found that 1 in 10 public school students are the targets of sexual misconduct by teachers. That’s several million victims at any given time.

This is why I’m suspicious of teachers who don’t want cameras in the classroom.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) July 7, 2021

Walsh notes that despite the study being 17 years old, it’s likely at least the same if not worse, probably true given the moral decline in our country.

Perhaps not but there is a danger of teachers raping your kid, as the longstanding sexual abuse epidemic in the public school system shows. Yet another reason for greater surveillance of teachers in the classroom.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) July 7, 2021

For God’s sake, if you put your dog in “doggie daycare” they have a camera that dog “parents” can log into and see what is going on with their dog. If you can do it for your dog, why shouldn’t you be able to do so for your most important asset, your children?

Why the pushback from teachers and leftists? As police officers found out when forced to wear body cameras and have dash cameras placed in their cruisers, 99.9% of the time the cameras help the officers. That 1/10 of 1% of the time when they don’t, it is dealt with.

If teachers are not doing anything “funky” or indoctrinating kids in Marxist theory, they have nothing to worry about. After all, as police officers were told, “if you’re not doing anything wrong you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

As Nolte says, “classrooms are supposed to be professional places of learning.” Therefore, what are teachers trying to hide? Parents have the absolute right to know exactly what our children are being taught. The fact that teachers are trying to insinuate themselves between parents and their kids tells you pretty much all you need to know.

Aside from the current focus on teaching white kids to hate themselves and black kids to hate white kids because they’re “oppressors,” students are also being indoctrinated into all kinds of kinky sexual nonsense, with the current focus being on so-called “trans rights” and abominations such as drag queen story hour. Parents have the absolute right to know if their children are being brainwashed into thinking any of this is “normal.”

While American student test scores and performance linger in mediocrity, they sure as hell know that “America is a racist country” and was “founded based on racist principles.”

They know that there are no longer 2 genders but 180 (or something like that, adding more every day). Children are taught that they don’t have to listen to their parents but must follow what the “all-knowing” government tells them to follow. Children are being taught the Marxist-based “Black Lives Matter” talking points. 

We would be extremely interested in hearing legitimate reasons why teachers should be treated any different than police officers. So we ask again, why shouldn’t teachers be held to the same standard as other public officials? What do they have to be afraid of? Are they afraid parents will find out exactly what they’re up to when they have our children for six of seven hours per day?

Parents send their kids to school to learn how to read, how to write, that one plus one equals two and learn the true history of our country. They don’t send them to be brainwashed, sexualized, radicalized and taught to hate themselves or others.

Cameras in the classroom—Tucker Carlson is on to something.

In case you missed it, we recently reported on the Hartford, Connecticut newspaper of record, the Hartford Courant, comparing parents concerned about CRT to the KKK. For more on that, we invite you to:


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

HARTFORD, CT- Connecticut’s leftist rag Hartford Courant has published some over-the-top editorials in the past, but the most recent one posted this past week takes the cake.

In that editorial, the Courant makes the absurd take that parents objecting to their children being indoctrinated in Marxist ideology—otherwise known as critical race theory (CRT)—are comparable to the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, they went there.

The editorial came about as a result of a recent school board meeting in Guilford, Connecticut, a moderate-income community on Long Island Sound in the state.

At that meeting, both parents and students slammed the teaching of CRT. For those unfamiliar (and you may want to get very acquainted with it), that ideology teaches, in this case children, to base everything on skin color. It teaches that  all American institutions are systemically racist and that whites are oppressors and blacks are victims.

It teaches that whites are racist and if you don’t admit you’re a racist, well…you’re a racist. And you thought the far-left radicals were going to stop with just calling cops systemically racist?

CRT is based on Critical Theory, which the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says was developed by “German philosophers and social theorists in the Western European Marxist tradition known as the “Frankfurt School.”

Britannica defines critical theory as a “Marxist-inspired movement in social and political philosophy,” noting that it draws “particularly on the thought of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud,” and is designed “to understand and help overcome the social structures through which people are dominated and oppressed.” [emphasis added]

As Breitbart previously reported, the offshoot of critical theory, Critical Race Theory teaches America is racists by design because when the Constitution was written and ratified, slavery was legal. The institution of private property is corrupt because “it was enshrined in a system that saw black people as chattels.”

Derrick Bell, who first applied critical theory to race slammed the civil rights movement, complaining that it misled blacks into believing equality before the law was insufficient. He also posed that the legal system itself is fundamentally racist as well.

Bell said that the only way to right the wrongs he believed were done to blacks was to completely overhaul the Constitution and include socioeconomic rights such as health care, housing, education and so on in order to “undo the original sin of slavery by enshrining the redistribution of wealth.” This is what is being taught to our children.

In the editorial, here is what the neo-Marxist Courant editors wrote:

How long is it going to be before those saying that white children are being taught to hate their race realize they are joining a movement that is beginning to sound a lot like the KKK and other groups that have twisted the promise of America into a self-serving message of hate?

A pamphlet for the event, sponsored by a group calling itself “No Left Turn in Education Connecticut,” says that Critical Race Theory is an “evil, divisive, Marxist, anti-American ideology that calls for dismantling and replacing all our cherished American institutions…”

There isn’t one thing in that last paragraph that is incorrect. That is precisely what CRT does. It is a Marxist-based ideology that specifically calls for the dismantling of capitalism and the entire American system while claiming our country is systemically racist.

The Courant, better used as a liner for bird cages or for picking up dog crap in the backyard accused the event sponsors of using “dog whistle language for racism.” That’s rich. The poster children for dog-whistling accusing the other side of the same thing. Right out of Cloward-Piven and Rules for Radicals.

They accused the parents of having “jumped on a fast-moving bandwagon that paints any mention of diversity or equity as part of a plot to insinuate ‘Critical Race Theory’ into the culture.”

Of course, since former President Trump still resides 24/7 in the heads of far left nutjobs such as the Courant’s editors, you just knew that he would be mentioned in the editorial, and the editors did not disappoint.

“It’s the same fear Donald Trump has been trafficking in for years and the same fear that has been mined time and again to turn neighbor against neighbor,” again throwing shade at parents concerned for what their children are being taught. “It’s a fear that has been used to justify violence.”

The Courant, however had zero problem last year justifying the violence being perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs across the country. We don’t recall one single editorial by the Courant’s latte-swilling, pompous blowhards condemning that.

Apparently, the editorial board is a bit shook up that parents in bright blue Connecticut are finally waking up to the leftist indoctrination their children are being exposed to, and apparently, they don’t like it.

Todd Feinburg, a conservative who hosts The Todd Feinburg Show on WTIC-1080, Connecticut’s conservative powerhouse radio station, covered the topic of the Courant’s editorial on his radio program.

“At the same time that Democrats feel compelled to shore up minority votes with political pandering, they are scared of the damage that their support for critical race theory may cause with mainstream voters,” Feinburg told Breitbart in an email.

“This is reflected I think in the knee jerk but poorly constructed editorial in the Courant.

The Courant joined a chorus of leftist media outlets crying about the fact that parents are finally waking up to what our children are being exposed to. It’s bad enough they were forced out of school for a year by the inept CDC and the equally inept National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

A couple of weeks ago, NBC News (to the surprise of nobody) joined the chorus of those who published hit pieces on CRT critics:

What’s interesting here is not only that NBCNews fails to give a fair description of why many object to CRT, its reporter celebrates her bias! This is not news. It’s conscious propaganda.

— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) June 15, 2021

NBCNews reporter @BrandyZadrozny misrepresents my work, asks for comment, then refuses to publish it because her editors will not allow statements “disagreeing with on-record experts [and] activists.”

They pick the “experts,” push the narrative, and exclude dissent. Propaganda.

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) June 15, 2021

“NBC News is really upset that parents are fighting back against critical race theory,” wrote Libby Emmons at The Post Millennial.

“What’s really happening here is that the forms of grassroots civic action that have bolstered leftist causes for years upon years are now being taken up by conservatives, and the left doesn’t like it one bit.”

One other tactic being used by leftists is to disguise CRT is being taught, instead using code language in an attempt to throw people off. For example, FOX 61 in Hartford reported that Guilford’s superintendent, Dr. Paul Freeman denied he is having “Critical Race Theory” taught even though the same exact concepts are being taught. Channel 61 reported:

“Dr. Paul Freeman says it is inaccurate that this is being taught in schools. In a statement he said in part:

‘We are working in Guilford Schools to be more equitable in our practice, to embrace diverse texts in our classrooms, to diversify our teaching ranks, to address difficult historical events honestly and openly, and ensure that all children feel heard in their schools.’ [emphasis added]

“Equity,” “diversify,” and “difficult historical events honestly and openly” are all of course code words for CRT. Guilford isn’t the only place where superintendents are playing fast and loose with what they’re doing.

In Cumberland-North Yarmouth, Maine, that district’s superintendent, Jeff Porter denies his district is teaching CRT. As Breitbart reported:

Porter denied his district uses Critical Race Theory (CRT). However, following the death of George Floyd, the district sent a letter to the community, expressing its “solidarity with Black Movement leaders,” and detailing its decision to work with Community Change Inc. (CCI), a Boston-based company that self-describes on Twitter as “a non-profit that challenges systemic racism with a special focus on white people.”

“Can’t dismantle white supremacy without dismantling capitalism,” CCI states.

However, whites are not the only ones speaking out against CRT being taught in schools. A former Minnesota congressional candidate, Kendall Qualls is heading up a school choice and anti-woke culture movement for blacks, starting in Minnesota and spreading across the country. The group looks to challenge the narrative that America is a systemically racist nation.

The group, called “TakeCharge,” looks to “inspire and educate black and other minority communities of their full rights and privileges as Americans granted to them by the Constitution.”

“We do not apologize for embracing America or its history,” the group said. “We believe that a well-grounded knowledge of American and world history strengthens our diverse country.”

The group also has a goal a move to have blacks “take charge of their own lives, the lives of their children, and not to rely on government and politicians for redemption and prosperity.”

Qualls slammed the Courant’s editorial board and noted that progressives are good at gaslighting their political opponents and accuse them of what they themselves are guilty of.

“Having been involved on the font lines of American politics, I have learned that progressives are masters in the martial arts of political spin,” Qualls said. “When they have been accused of infraction, a mortal sin or a social wrong, they move and speak effortlessly and toss the accusations back to their opponents.”

Qualls noted that, “In most cases the left has been quite successful.”

He noted how Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia had been able to survive the “black face” scandal, while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been able to brush off accusations of sexual harassment. Northam and Cuomo are both Democrats.

“There are many prominent black Americans, including myself, voicing strong opposition to Critical Race Theory,” Qualls said. “If judging a person by their skin color was wrong during Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in the 1960s, it is wrong today. Just because the cannon of their racist rhetoric is pointed toward a different group of people it doesn’t make it right.”

While the title “Critical Race Theory” sounds like a rosy, sunshine and lollipops title, let’s call it what it is. It is racism. Plain and simple.

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