All I—and I think everyone else—can think about are her caftans.

I’m so happy. There are a couple that I sort of dug up from South America. As I was going further into the project, you know, sometimes you get better at what you’re doing, because there’s not a lot of time [to prep]. I realized that South America and Central America have a really tropical climate [similar to Hawaii]… There are a couple of things I got from this Colombian designer for Jennifer that were beautiful linen, really breathable stuff. Down to breakfast, Connie [Britton] wears a bunch of these Poupette St. Barths dresses, they are these really lightweight, cotton, breathable things that are just made for that kind of vacation.

That also feels like an experience so authentic to those characters, traveling to the Caribbean or South America and just coming back with a wardrobe of things that they had purchased.

That’s what I was trying to plug into too. They go shopping while they’re on holiday. Wherever you go, sometimes you’re like: The stuff I brought doesn’t really make sense, so you rush to the boutique or the hotel shop and get something that seems more appropriate. These characters have the means to do that.

Back to Jennifer’s character Tanya; I have to say I gasped when she went to watch her crush in the pool and she’s wearing that sequin caftan.

There are times where she’s just kind of over the top, but it works. I realized early on that the hotel was actually quite big, so you could really go for it with the costumes and it would make sense dwelling in such cavernous, beautiful places. That’s why I definitely put big earrings on people and like, over-jeweled people.

As I went along, I was borrowing really expensive stuff from one of the boutiques in the hotel, jewelry that I would never be able to afford. I would borrow it for the dinner scenes. Because we were all in one location, it was really convenient for me to do so. There’s a local designer called Hildgund, and so Molly [Shannon] is wearing like, hundreds of thousands of dollars in diamonds and sapphires. That was a really special thing I was able to do because we were embedded in the hotel.