Get enough of savory Chinese-style roasted meat in Roast’d, one of the eight stalls in My South Hall in S Maison. It cannot be missed due to the hanging meat at its glass window. They serve roasted duck, pork, and chicken. The meat are marinated with herbs and spices, which make it tempting both in taste and aroma. Roasting is infused with Chinese techniques, which further lock in the flavors as it is cooked through. Because of this, you might opt to not use the sauce because it already is savory that way.

Servings in Roast’d is quite generous given that a meal of the three main features of the stall only costs around Php 200 to Php 300.

  • Roasted Chicken with Rice

Price: Php 248

I find the meat succulent and tender and bursting with flavors. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to depend on the sauce to appreciate the meal. It is super tasty on its own. Furthermore, I like that there is right amount of fat in it, not oily, but definitely not dry. The only downside is the presentation and the overall experience is not that grand as I have expected. I am torn to thinking that this is just close to the typical roasted chicken we are used to.

  • Premium Duck with Rice

Price: Php 298

If there’s a meal I’d like to order again in Roast’d, that would be this duck. The meat itself has the sweetness of its own, then it was further infused with Chinese tastes. Moreover, I love the transition in creates in my mouth, from tasting the crispy skin, to chewing the tender meat.

Because this is really good, there are times that they run out of stock. So customers might be forced to order a different meal.

  • Crispy Pork with Rice

Price: Php 298

This meal will also give you a crunch, when you dig in the meat and the skin of the pork. Just like the other two dishes, the roasted pork is enriched with spices that complements its natural flavorful flesh. The sauce accompanied in its serving is a perfect match to neutralize the taste.

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