It’s high time that Ghanaian celebrities start accepting them as special, influential and responsible personalities instead of convincing the common folks that they are just like them one way or another. Celebrities all over the world have a great influence on common folks for the fact that the common folks idealize them. Likewise, celebrities can influence people to do the right thing and it’s quite easy now (through social media). 

Just like according to the report, a couple of Ghanaian celebrities have talked about the underrated aspects of marriage which need to be addressed critically. One of them is Ghanaian well-known Gospel act, Gifty Osei who talked about the version of marriage that media presents and the other is Ghanaian well-known actress, Joselyn Dumas who talked about marriage as the measuring tool for great character. Let’s talk about Gifty Osei’s aspect first…

Gifty Osei being an internationally acclaimed Gospel act is famous for speaking up for issues that are underrated and demands courage to be talked about. Likewise, she took to her official social media handles and posted about how social media and magazines have ruined the concept of marriage. According to the Gospel act, there is nothing like perfect marriage that exists. As marriage is a name of relationship which demands constant mutual efforts. So whoever said that he or she is having a perfect marriage is liar as perfect marriage doesn’t exist. 

Gifty Osei said those who are posting about perfect marriages are actually deceiving people from the right path. She said, “We don’t have a perfect marriage, in this world we are all working towards our marriage, please stop posting for the camera, and stop deceiving people, marriage is a mystery.”

On the other hand, Joselyn Dumas has recently talked about how people take marriage as the measuring tool for how good the person’s character is. Like if you are very pious and all then you will find a husband and if you are ill-mannered and have not very good character then you will never find him no matter how much you try. She took to social media and talked about his foul mentality by saying that stop considering marriages as an ultimate reward for having an amazing character. As there are a lot of people having quite questionable characters and they are happily married however, people having good characters are still single. So there are no certain criteria of character which makes the person perfect for getting married, its all about timing.  

Joselyn said, “Being MARRIED is not a reward for a great character and being SINGLE is not punishment for a bad character. There’s a lot of women with real questionable characters but have amazing marriages and there are a lot of amazing single women out there still searching and waiting on God. Stop measuring a woman’s attitude with her marital status.”

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