There is no doubt in the fact that Ghanaian celebrities are very talented, especially when it comes to dealing with critics. They clap back at the haters so fiercely that they should get awards for it as well. 

From making the critics learn a lesson that celebrities are not their private property to making the haters understand the fact that they can’t come on social media and say anything to protect their self rights, Ghanaian celebrities know how to deal with the haters pretty well. According to collective report by , the Ghanaian celebrities who are famous for clapping back at haters amazingly include Yvonne Nelson, Nana Aba Anamoah, Bridget Otoo, Lydia Forson and others. Let’s throw some light on the occasions when these celebrities make their haters learn a lesson. 

Back in 2015, when Ghanaian actress/producer, Yvonne Nelson announced that she is all set to hit the streets in order to raise her voice against the never-ending power crisis and she got major support. However, for now when the actress made the same post in 2019 stating that Nana Akufo-Addo’s administered government is repeating history so Ghanaians should repeat the history as well, she got major criticism. The actress didn’t ignore instead she dealt with the critics very well. She took to the social media and dealt with the haters by making an exclusive post about them. 

Another time, Ghanaian awards winning TV anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah took to social media to congratulate Ghana Black Stars midfielder, Thomas Partey for winning the 2018 Europe League. She said, “Let’s celebrate a brother. Well done, @thomaspartey5. You worked your socks off to get here #Champion #europa” However, one of the fans couldn’t take the joke right so he said, “I think Nana Aba Anamoah wants to marry Partey.” To which Nana Aba made an amazing comment, she said, “@josephrise You don’t need to show off to the world that you have a master’s degree in STUPIDITY.”

Then once, Ghanaian News anchor, Bridget Otoo took to Twitter and tried to put some sense in the women who fight other women over guys. She tweeted, “I have a problem with women who fight other women over boys! If you’ve caught your man with another woman, team up with the woman and deal with the goat! It’s really is that simple.” The anchor got major hate especially from guys who were very offended by her Tweet. She didn’t ignore but exposed those guys by taking to Twitter and also replied to them in private. 

The latest case is about the actress Lydia Forson, who is under major public backlash for dealing with the critic very badly. She is famous for speaking up about women’s rights so one guy posted a video in which the woman is beating a man and tagged Lydia Forson to share her views. To which Lydia replied, “This is why you should be careful of the nicknames you give yourself. See how you’re here acting like a Borla Bird and dirtying yourself by exposing your ignorance. Are you so stupid you need me to tell you it’s wrong for any HUMAN being to hit someone?”

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