MSNBC’s paid race-baiter host Al Sharpton spoke with fellow-leftist activists during his Politics Nation show about the “attack” on the Capitol. After over 4 years of watching cities burn to the ground and federal buildings being attacked by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, Sharpton and his guests expressed their concern over the “attack” on the Capitol building on January 6th before the conclusion of Trump’s speech on the Elipse (an estimated 40-minute walk away from the Capitol building).

These far-left loons aren’t only blaming the people who made the decision to enter the Capitol building on January 6th, they’re blaming Republican members of Congress for daring to vote against the certification of the electoral votes in contested states. MSNBC host Al Sharpton cited a remark by extreme-leftist agitator/Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), who recently called Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), a “racist” because he admitted he wasn’t afraid of the protesters who entered the Capitol because they weren’t part of BLM or Antifa, who both have incredible records of extreme violence and have been responsible for a number of deaths and billions of dollars in destruction across America. Curiously, Democrats and their allies continue to refer  to them as “civil rights activists.”

The photo of Senator Hawley was taken BEFORE the protesters breached the Capitol. Although Senator Hawley appears to be showing his solidarity with the crowd outside the Capitol PRIOR to the breach, the Democrat Party media and their allies in Congress have attempted to paint Hawley as a monster for defending the millions of Americans who believe the November election was stolen by Democrats and were standing in front of the Capitol demanding that a full investigation in the contested states be completed before certifying the votes.

Al Sharpton asked his guests, “Rep. Jaypal also said some members of Congress should be investigated for their part and encouraging or possibly even conspiring with the Capitol insurrection,” asking them, “What do you think?”

“I think absolutely!” Danielle Moodie, founder of  “Woke AF (As F*ck) Nation” told Sharpton. “Look at these members of Congress. Look at Josh Hawley and the picture of him with his fist in the air!” she added. Moodie told Sharpton that she found it “really convenient” that the people inside that Capitol building knew their way around. “It’s important that we pull the records, the phone record of those members of Congress that were on the floor. Every single person should have their records pulled—every single person should have their social media pulled.” She continued, equating a 1964 bombing of a black church to having members of the KKK on the jury. What???

Watch the incredible exchange here:

We’re fairly certain Al Sharpton and his guests have seen these photos of prominent Democrats with their fists in the air, as they encourage their followers to keep up the fight against freedom in America, but just in case they haven’t, we’ll provide a few: