Photo by Andyone on Unsplash

Halloween is getting close and this year’s parties will be different than what we’re used to. People are tired of the lockdown and they just want a reason to celebrate something, so Halloween, which falls on a Saturday this year, seems like the perfect opportunity. Here’s how you can celebrate Halloween while staying safe.


Going door-to-door may not be the best trick-or-treating tactic this year. You can be creative, though, and organize a candy hunt within your own home. You can walk around the neighborhood with the kids and let them show off their costumes, but don’t knock on people’s doors or make contact with them.

Handing Out Treats

If you still want to hand out treats yourself, make sure to wear a mask at all times and use a hand sanitizer whenever you touch something. This is an even better approach than simply leaving a bowl of candy outside because then many different hands will reach into it and potentially contaminate it.

Costumes with Masks

By now, we’re already used to wearing masks everywhere and they can be a great addition to our Halloween costumes. We expect to see many ninja and surgeon costumes this year, and if you’re making other costumes at home, spare some fabric for a matching mask.