Hollywood sign-style Trump letters appear on side of California freeway for second time

A Hollywood sign-style with letters spelling out “TRUMP” appeared on the side of a California freeway for the second time on Tuesday.

“Trump” sign in the same well-known “Hollywood” sign style appeared again…this time in Riverside County. It wasn’t immediately clear if it was the same sign, but it bears a resemblance to the one that appeared earlier in Oct on a hillside near the 405 https://t.co/z7UgdeuAhA

— Carol S (@CarolNBC4)

State workers removed the “TRUMP” sign that appeared in Sepulveda Pass hours after it was first reported. The authorities said the Hollywood-style sign celebrating the president presented a visual distraction as vehicles were slowing down to take photos, Los Angeles station . The officials also pointed to fire concerns as the sign was in a dry, bush-heavy area.