Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash

Blusher is one of the most underrated items in our makeup kits. It is used with caution and often, people forget to choose a blusher that matches their skin tone.

Choosing the right blusher can tie your makeup together and give you a gorgeous glow. The right shade is one that suits your skin tone and also matches the rest of your makeup. If you are wearing a bold lipstick, a rosy blush could make it look like you are wearing too much makeup.

“Blush is often forgotten when applying makeup, we tend to concentrate more on the eyes or the lips, but blush is actually your quickest way to achieve a youth boost and to lift your skin tone,” Chanel makeup artist Ninni Nummela told Glamour. “A blush adds femininity but can also give you an edge.”

One of the best tips for determining your natural blush shade is to pinch your cheeks and matching your blusher with this color. If you are naturally tanned, choose warmer shades like peach and rose gold.

Choosing a blush with shimmer can add a youthful glow to your skin, instantly brightening your cheeks. Choosing cream blusher, on the other hand, allows your natural glow to shine through.

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