Pictures of what appears to be an original Apple Watch prototype in its security situation have been shared on the internet by Twitter individual @AppleDemoYT.

The images show a prototype stainless-steel Apple Watch concealed within a silicone security situation, noted with a redacted serial number. Apple usually transports its prototype and also testing devices in thick safety instances that are intended to misdirect and conceal truth design of the product.

Remarkably, the safety situation seems to appear like a third-generation iPod nano with a click wheel. In the years leading up to the news of the Apple Watch, it was not unusual for some customers to use the sixth-generation iPod nano as a watch utilizing third-party instances. It is for that reason suitable that Apple disguised the original Apple Watch as an iPod nano.

Prototype Apple Watch (Original) with matching Safety Case as well as box. The Security Instance was made use of to hide the design prior to release durning transportation; and makes the Watch look comparable to an iPod Nano. #appleinternal!.?.!— Apple Demonstration(@AppleDemoYT)September 1, 2020 The model was supposedly utilized for inner screening prior to the official launch of the original Apple Watch. The device can be found in a cardboard box marked” Apple Confidential,”with numerous cautions about unauthorized usage. Here are some more photos of my Prototype Apple Watch that simulates an iPod Nano! #appleinternal!.?.!— Apple Demo

(@AppleDemoYT )September 3, 2020 Photos of original Apple Watch models have surfaced in the past, showing small variations from the last design. While no useful info can generally be obtained from a lot of prototypes, it is intriguing to
see just how Apple conducts the growth of its products before they reach the marketplace. Model gadgets are hotly desired by collectors as well as occasionally surface on auction sites and at tool reusing facilities.Buyer’s Guide: Apple Watch (Do Not Buy )This write-up, “Photos of Apple Watch Prototype in iPod Nano-Style Security Situation Shared Online “initially appeared on Discuss this article in our discussion forums< img src= ""elevation="1 "width ="1"

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