Apple recently released their new line of flagships for 2019 namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Sandra Ankobiah Takes A Picture With Her New iPhone

In Ghana, the need to show off these new yet expensive devices has suddenly become a race  and trend among celebrities.

Celebrities notably the females who somehow have acquired these premium devices with hefty price tags apparently feel the need to put it in our faces on social media.

Their reason? Obviously to prove to their followers that they can afford to buy a $1000+ phone.

I wouldn’t have bothered myself if they had flaunted a customized 24 carat Gold/Diamond clustered iPhone models which were made specifically just for them — but to flaunt these as if it were something special…Really??

Jackie Appiah Flaunting Her New iPhone 11

My question is, why should anyone care that you own a damn iPhone 11?

Yes, I admit that these new iPhones are expensive — but so are the new Samsung phones or Huawei phones.  iPhones are still considered a status symbol and a luxury mostly in developing countries like Ghana because people are too damn poor to afford it. And when they do afford, they feel the need to show it off to everyone — and the situation is even more pathetic for people who consider themselves as celebrities.

Hajia4Real Shows Off Her New iPhone 11 Pro

In Britain for instance, iPhones is not considered a premium product because everyone has it and no one cares you’re using the latest model — it’s just another phone. So why are our celebrities obsessed with flaunting them on social media?

Celebrities like Jackie Appiah, Sista Efya, Sandra Ankobiah, Hajia4Real have all flaunted their new iPhone 11 models and in obvious ways too.  When you live in a society where our “well-to-do” celebrities feel the need to show off a $1000 device to their followers then obviously there’s a cause to worry. Show off your private jets and mansions!!

Sista Efya Shows Off Her New iPhone 11 Pro