The holiday season is coming and hopefully for lots of you, that means a much needed and well-deserved vacation! There are many positives to travelling but, there’s also a big downside,. Who would know the most about battling jet lag? Celebrities of course! It’s their job to be in one city for one night and in a completely different one the next, all while looking fabulous, fresh-faced and ready to take on the paparazzi, journalists and fans as soon as they leave the airport. We’ve compiled the best jet lag remedies and hacks from some of our favourite celebrities. This is guaranteed to help you make the most of your so take notes! 

Shay Mitchell 

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Looking back at this recent vacay photo after a 14 hr day while my feet soak in an ice bath… #playhardbutworkingharder

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Shay Mitchell spends a lot of time up in the air going from set to set and creating for her social channels. If there’s anyone who can give the best tried and tested jet lag remedies, it would be Shay.

Shay suggests packing a survival kit to have in your carry-on bag. In a she posted on her YouTube channel, she reveals that she uses her time on the plane as her very own spa session. In her kit, she’s got vitamins, throat lozenges and ginger and turmeric herbal tea. Plus she carries warm socks, a face mask, face moisturiser, mouthwash, hand lotion, zit drying lotion, hand sanitiser, wet wipes and essential oils. According to Shay, it’s all about being prepared. 

Karlie Kloss

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Room with a view

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Karlie Kloss attributes her fresh face and energy after a long flight to and an in-flight beauty routine. She says it’s important to get your heart pumping and go to the gym before flying out and when you land at your destination. Take advantage of hotel gyms or do a circuit workout in your hotel room even if exercise is last on your list of to-dos.

Her in-flight beauty routine consists of taking probiotics before a flight and taking off her make-up as soon as she boards. Kloss then uses an under-eye mask to reduce puffiness before massaging her entire face and neck with serum and putting calming essential oils on her pulse points. Right before landing, she spruces herself up by applying suncream, facial mist, tinted moisturiser, concealer, blush, mascara and a red lip. 

Jessica Alba

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Off to NYC w my girl @lizzymathis -chillin in @theprivatesuite

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Jessica Alba admits that her saving grace to get her through a long haul flight and switching time zones is . This doesn’t mean you should guzzle it down. She limits herself to only two coffees. One at the airport before boarding and another one when she gets to her destination.

Alba’s other self-care tips during a flight are to wear circulation socks and exercise pants to increase circulation, taking some vitamin C tablets before take off, drinking lots of water and regularly walking up and down the aisles. 

Ashley Graham

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Outta here ☀️

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The fabulous Ashley Graham swears by rosewater facial mist whenever she needs a quick refresher. She is also a big fan of facial oil which is super hydrating for your skin and prevents dryness.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, Ashley leaves work for later and uses travel time to relax, meditate and listen to a . Flying, especially a long haul flight is the perfect time to switch off. If you find yourself dozing and it’s daytime at your destination, only nap for 20 minutes. 

Kim Kardashian

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Wyoming Nights

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This is in a different city every week so she’s a pro at fighting off jet lag. Her tips include drinking 1L of water before flying and drinking herbal tea throughout the flight.

In her beauty bag, she swears by aromatherapy body mist, firming eye gel masks, a soothing pillow spray and a silk pillowcase. Make sure you take off all your makeup before zoning out and hitting your head onto the pillow. Just make sure you take off your make up. There’s nothing worse than smudged makeup all over your silky soft pillow. 

Margot Robbie

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Aussie icon Margot Robbie has created a little pre-flight ritual for herself to feel her absolute best while . There’s a whole lot of nasties floating around an airline cabin so she takes a shot of ginger and turmeric for an immune boost. It’s important to protect yourself! 

Robbie’s beauty non-negotiables are to use a thick hydrating moisturiser and an eye cream and then use a facial spritzer to prepare her skin for the journey ahead. 

Chrissy Teigen

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baba on the beach uncle @mrmikerosenthal

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We take a lot of what Chrissy Teigen says as gospel. How can you not?  When she travels with her kids, she likes to keep her flight beauty routine nice and simple. Using nourishing facial wipes, a sheet mask and a rich moisturiser do the trick for her. She also suggests treating your jet lag with . Treat yourself to a bacon and egg roll, have a cold shower and try and get outside in the sunshine. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

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The CEO of Goop has all the insight into the newest and most popular health and wellness trends so she should know a thing or two about . She stays hydrated by drinking lots of water mixed with vitamin sachets.

When feeling hungry, Gwyneth stays away from aeroplane food, preferring to pack her own salad, fruit and nuts. Her secret to getting a good night’s sleep on a plane is a glass of whiskey or wine before bed. Once she arrives at her destination, she treats herself to a sauna session to revitalise her skin.  

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Words by Tamara Bose.

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