Hollywood star as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) surrogate John Cusack contrasted Head of state Donald Trump to Germany’s Nazi-era chancellor Adolf Hitler in a current interview.

“Hitler type of swiped from the progressive left,” Cusack said the podcast. “He hated the message of the progressive left since it was anti-war, however he understood that politics was the new art which art and also politics were mosting likely to be infused. You can see Trump kind of doing the very same point.”

“The very first time he tore a youngster far from their mommy’s arms and also put them in a cage, this had not been a fact TV program anymore. This was genuine fascism,” he added.

Cusack’s remarks come after the Being John Malkovich star described President Trump is “the anti Christ for dummies.”

“Trump is generally a test run for true wickedness: the anti christ for dummies,” he created on Twitter in August. “The gods stating We’re going to give you a version so noticeable with such Unimaginable Stupididty & & abject cretinism & & sloth– to demonstrate how decadent & & vacant year society & & institutions have actually come to be– adjustment.”

Trump is essentially a trial run for true wickedness: the anti christ for dummies– The gods claiming
We’re going to give you a version so obvious with such
Inconceivable Stupididty & & cretinism & & sloth– to show just how decadent & & vacant yr society & & institutions have actually come to be– modification

— John Cusack (@johncusack) August 13, 2020

In July 2019, Cusack was forced to excuse tweeting an anti-Semitic cartoon and then removing it.

The photo showed a blue Celebrity of David above a hand pressing down on a team of people gone along with by a quote often misattributed to the philosopher Voltaire: “To discover that subjugates you, just learn who you are not enabled to criticize.”

Cusack added, “Adhere to the cash.” The quote is a reworking of one from American white nationalist as well as Holocaust denier Kevin Alfred Strom.

Cusack originally safeguarded the tweet against social media sites doubters, implicating Israel of wrongs versus Palestinians. He then condemned a “robot” for the article prior to deleting it.

“Made a mistake retweeting that– as I claimed– and sorry,” he later on tweeted.

The Associated Press added to this report.