I absolutely love this!

If you have a tween or teen you probably know who JoJo Siwa is.

Heck, I don’t have either of those and I know who she is.

My cousin got me a new shirt pic.twitter.com/DuHhgRto7b

— JoJo Siwa!🌈❤️🎀 (@itsjojosiwa)

OMG this is such a huge deal! I love that she announced it to her fans!!

In fact, her fans loved it too. She has been flooded with encouraging words and support.

ok but the impact of jojo siwa coming out to millions of very very young kids and their parents ?? the normalization this has …. a queen

— matt (@mattxiv)

i don’t think some of y’all understand how good someone like Jojo Siwa coming out will be for her LGBTQ+ younger fans🥺 https://t.co/elCWQerRKn

— michael is still in trouble. (@meimmichael)

Even parents are showing their support!

As a mum of JoJo fans (6 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy) I could not agree more. JoJo was already a wonderful role model to them and now, she is even more so. She is living her best life, she is proud to be who she is and that is exactly what I want my kids to be.

— Nicole Cherie (@NicoleCherie8)

jojo siwa coming out is so important.. her audience is younger and kids being able to look up to someone thats NOT straight could help them discover themselves and hopefully make future generations even more open-minded. this is a jojo siwa stan account!

— richard (@sisterariola)

Aside from her announcement on Twitter today, JoJo was also on TikTok the other day lip-syncing to LGBTQ anthem, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

I seriously love this for her and the impact she is making!!

JoJo is queen!