Mourinho and also Tottenham may appear like a strange marital relationship, but he currently has a perfect lieutenant.

Jose Mourinho is now manager of Tottenham Hotspur. That’s a deeply complicated point to claim, yet, unless the net has conspired to play a large trick on me (well performed in that instance), it holds true. Cult leader and temporary narrative destroyer Mauricio Pochettino is out in North London, as well as The Unique One remains in.

Tottenham is not a location Mourinho belongs. His long organization with Chelsea makes any kind of various other London club an odd fit, although maybe his loathing for Toolbox makes this a bit more reasonable. Eventually, the tale out of Spurs will be that they landed one of one of the most effective supervisors of recent background, which this demonstrates how seriously they are taking the pursuit of prizes. Mourinho is, nevertheless, a “assured victor.”

Football is a foolish organisation in which to be giving guarantees, of course, and I will not assume to look far enough right into the future to exercise precisely which trophies Spurs’ brand-new manager will certainly be raising. Shorter-term forecasts are a little simpler, and today’s forecast is that one Tottenham gamer in specific will come out extremely well from this exchange. And also that player is …

… not Eric Dier, who may obtain a temporary increase from the reality Mourinho is a long-term follower, however who likewise appears too fundamentally broken to last lengthy in either central midfield or defence, specifically with far better choices offered. Rather, it’s …

Dele Alli. Up until now this period, Alli has been a mix of hurt and out of favour. Anticipate that to alter now. Mourinho hasn’t had a gamer with Alli’s skills because his 2nd job at Chelsea, and also we should anticipate Alli to be as essential to this Spurs team as Oscar was to that Chelsea side.

Like Oscar, Alli is an incredibly good gaining ground that has a sensational eye for joints opening in opposition defences. He can rack up and play the fast web link passes change teams require to take advantage of their counterattacking opportunities. Alli’s probably not a sufficient passer to run a strike via, but he does not need to be: he’ll move protections around sufficient to ensure that everyone else can exploit them, and after that turn up in package to aid complete off those moves.

As well as if that isn’t sufficient, Alli has one other significant factor in his favour: like Mourinho (and also Oscar), he takes snideness to brand-new heights. Mourinho needs to pass on a few of his shithousery from bench to pitch, and in Alli he has the perfect lieutenant.

Simply put: effective pressing from 10, profoundly good off-the-ball movement, an eye for goal and being typically awful to all as well as miscellaneous on a football area? Mourinho as well as Alli were primarily produced each various other, and also it’ll interest see just how that pairing drinks out.