PUBLISHED: 00:00 30 October 2019

Something in Yorkshire that makes you smile

At the moment it is the bulldog lamp on my kitchen table. It was given as a gift when I visited a client whose own dog had recently passed away. I called to commiserate and reminisce about her own bulldog.

When I commented on the lamp in her conservatory, she replied ‘Julian, if it reminds you of Elsie [her dog], then you can have it.’ The dog-shaped lamp is still there, several months later and still makes me smile.

A place you love to eat

At the moment it’s Mannion’s in Helmsley. It’s lovely for lunches and I feel I could happily stay there all afternoon!

To take friends

Anywhere, really. There’s so much to see and do and our county is so huge and varied, so it depends what they fancy. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park would be right up there.

A childhood memory

One of my most striking childhood memory was climbing Pen-y-Ghent with my dad when I was about six. Of course it was covered in thick cloud and very damp, but it felt like Everest to me. It sparked a life-long love of mountains and the outdoors.

A cultural go-to

Yorkshire Sculpture Park. With such icons as Henry Moore (from my home town of Castleford), Barbara Hepworth and Anthony Gormley (I used to treat his mum’s dog!) it has to be a sculpture exhibition.

Inspiration outdoors

I’m a keen cyclist and Yorkshire is probably the best part of the country for biking. I suppose those giant climbs of Boltby Bank, Rosedale Chimney or Park Rash inspire me as much as anything at the moment. Climbing a steep hill is such an allegory for life.The hard work is worth it in the end.

A place for indulgence

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey would be my place for indulgence. It’s got it all – fantastic food, a lovely relaxed atmosphere and a great spa

A Yorkshire view that inspires

I’m always inspired by the view as I drive home towards Thirsk from Pateley. On a winter’s evening, after a busy day, watching the reflected sun on Sutton Bank is a wonderful thing. Mind you, the view from Sutton Bank, in the opposite direction was always one that made me want to pause for a moment. That’s pretty special too.

I’m never happier than when

I’m with my family and a glass of red in my hand – home after a busy, hard working day. I’m easily pleased!

Three words that sum up your best Yorkshire life …

Work, play, hard!

I’ve always lived by the motto: work hard, play hard. It’s not done me much harm. So far.