Taylor Lee FDA Employee Exposed by Project Veritas

On Monday, Project Veritas released the first installment of their #CovidVaxExposed undercover report.

Whistleblower Jodi O’Malley went to Project Veritas to expose horrific revelations from her time as an employee at the Health and Human Services. She was able to go undercover and provide the secret recordings to the whistleblower outlet.

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Part one of the report sent shockwaves through social media. It had over 2 million views on Twitter alone – and we all know how much they love to shadowban content on their platform. 

24 hours and TENS OF MILLIONS of views later.

This tape is the shot heard around the world.

Part 2 of the series drops tomorrow and is even more explosive.

On Wednesday, the guerilla journalists dropped part 2 and it was just as impactful as the first, if not more so.

Americans should be shocked.

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The second 10-minute video shows an FDA employee – Taylor Lee – speaking about horrific ways they would force people to comply with vaccine mandates. 

At the beginning of the undercover interview, Lee talks about vaccine hesitancy among African-Americans, admitting they have every right to be cautious, but explains that the Feds should just break out the blow darts, fill them with the vaccine, and shoot them at the black dissenters or anyone else who won’t comply with the vax mandate. “That’s where we’re going.” He added.

“You get blow-darts of J&J (Johnson&Johnson Covid Vaccine) – and like go to the unvaccinated and blow it into them

Just shoot everyone.”

Oh, and also just use drones to do it. Apparently, they have the funding.

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“Drones… Drone darts. Easy. Like the funding’s there. Its easy to do.

At this point i dont care about your bodily autonomy.”

What a psychopath… This guy is clearly unhinged.

When the interviewer asks Lee how they will be able to reach the hesitant minority population to convince them to take the jab, he offers an unsurprising, but horrific solution – “It’s fine, we will go for the whites first.”

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Which according to him, will be no problem for the liberal propaganda machine.

“We’ll post video campaigns about doing it to whites first, and then they can’t call it [racist]”

Predictably, this bootlicking FDA goon was also in favor of going door-to-door to force vaccinate people against their will. He suggests using the same federal resources that are used to Census the population in order to do so. 

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According to Lee, it’s time for the Federal Government to compile a Nazi-style (even he acknowledges as much) registry of unvaccinated Americans.

“I mean, Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond, so we have the infrastructure to do it. 

It will cost a ton of money, but at that point there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. – Although that’s sounding very [Nazi] Germany at the same point.”

How many more Taylor LEEs are employed by the FDA? Let alone, at all of the other agencies in the tyrannical health regime?

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Here is the full part II:

BREAKING PART 2: @US_FDA Official: ‘Blow Darting African Americans Is Where We’re Going…Just Shoot Everyone’

‘Nazi Germany Registry’ of Unvaccinated Americans: “Think About It Like The Jewish Star”

‘Go Door-To-Door & Stab Everyone’#ExposeFDA pic.twitter.com/BMSpbEd1mt