K1 Speed Chula Vista Now Open! K1 Speed Is Now Open in Chula Vista, CA! We’ve got exciting news for anyone who lives in the San Diego county area – K1 Speed Chula Vista is now open! That’s right, K1 Speed has taken over the old Speed Circuit location in the District at Eastlake and has completely renovated the place to our look, feel, and experience! Read on to learn about everything the new K1 Speed Chula Vista has to offer! Goodbye Gas, Hello Electric! If you’re used to the old karting place, you’re in for a treat. That’s because all of those old, stinky gas-powered go-karts are gone, and in their place are clean new all-electric Adult and Junior Karts imported directly from Italy! These karts are considerably faster than those old relics, and thanks to their new lithium batteries, last longer than ever! This means you won’t experience any decrease in performance from lap 1 to lap 12 (or lap 100+ for that matter). This is also the first location in Southern California to have the latest generation of our go-karts: the Superleggero! These new Adult Karts feature several enhancements over the previous generation, including a new digital gauge on the dash, modern open-wheel-style steering wheels, improved seat belt buckles, and lighter curb weight (hence the name, which translates to “super light” in Italian)! New Challenging Track! Another major improvement we made to the old Speed Circuit facility is the creation of an all-new track layout and improved barriers. The new track layout features an assortment of challenging corners, from tight hairpins to fast sweepers, which should prove to be more entertaining for experienced racers while not too intimidating for those new to the sport to enjoy. And gone are the large blocky plastic bricks for barriers. Now this location has Protex barriers – the safest indoor karting barriers there are, that not only look much better, but absorb impacts much better. Paddock Lounge We all know racing is a very physical sport. So when you’re ready to recharge your batteries in between track sessions, make a pitstop at our Paddock Lounge inside K1 Speed Chula Vista. This eatery serves plenty of food and drink choices, including our Paddock Burger, Loaded Fries, wings, Mac and Cheese Bites, and a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Soon, K1 Speed Chula Vista will also offer a selection of beer and wine for adults 21+ to enjoy when they are done racing for the day. Two Meeting/Party Rooms K1 Speed is well known for their unique and engaging birthdays, corporate events, bachelor parties, and other fun events and parties. So this Chula Vista location has TWO private meeting / party rooms for group event use! Arcade (Coming VERY Soon) Finally, K1 Speed will very, VERY soon have a full arcade with a large variety of video games, prize machines, pool tables, air hockey, and games-of-skill such as basketball hoops and punching bags. This means there’s something for people of all ages – even if they’re under our height requirement or just don’t want to race (we’ll excuse you for it). Visit K1 Speed Chula Vista Today! So as you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Chula Vista at K1 Speed! This location is now open seven days a week, so start planning your visit today! We’ll see you at the track!

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