Fashion parade! Kamala Harris’ model stepdaughter Ella Emhoff steps out with magazine editor boyfriend Sam Hine during New York Fashion Week

Model Ella Emhoff was spotted walking hand-in-hand with GQ editor Sam Hine during New York Fashion Week, just weeks after she confirmed the romance in a magazine interview.

The pair were pictured outside of Thom Browne’s Spring 2022 show on Saturday wearing the menswear designer’s creations – evidenced by his signature ribbon detail.  

Emhoff walked the runway for Proenza Schouler on Wednesday, but is apparently taking some time off to enjoy other shows.

The fashion darling, 22, confirmed her relationship with Hine in an August interview with Vanity Fair, where she describes her ‘perfect date as a stop at the market, buying the wackiest produce, and figuring out what to cook with it.’  

Ella Emhoff (right) and Sam Hine were pictured smiling and holding hands on Saturday during New York Fashion Week

The pair were spotted leaving the Thom Browne Spring 2022 show

Emhoff, the step-daughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, is a model and art school graduate

She gained prominence after her outfits during inauguration events in January, and singed to IMG Models that same month, making her runway debut weeks later

Saturday’s show was held at the 500-seat Griffin Theater in The Shed building, located in the buzzing Hudson Yards complex in the west side of Manhattan.

It’s no question why Emhoff was invited. 

The vice-president’s step-daughter wore a full outfit by the 56-year-old NYC designer to a COVID memorial before President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

She rocked a double breasted navy cashmere trench coat; a red, white and blue pleated skirt; an oxford shirt and a striped tie, according to the designer’s Twitter.

Emhoff, 22, confirmed her relationship with GQ editor Sam Hine, 27, in August. Above, the pair is pictured outside the Collina Strada show on Thursday in Brooklyn

Emhoff described her perfect date as ‘a stop at the market, buying the wackiest produce, and figuring out what to cook with,’ in an interview with Vanity Fair

Little is known about Hine, 27, a senior associate editor for the men’s fashion magazine GQ

That was just one day before her inauguration-day Miu Miu coat, with yellow and orange embellishments on the shoulder, had the internet in a frenzy.

Emhoff attended the inauguration as the step-daughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, who she calls, ‘Momala.’ She’s the the daughter of Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, and his first wife, Kerstin.

She signed with IMG Models after the buzz she generated at the inauguration. She made her runway debut for Proenza Schouler at New York Fashion Week three weeks later. 

In July, she made her couture debut at the Balenciaga show in Paris in front of the likes of Kanye West. 

Emhoff is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she lives.

Above, Emhoff outside of the Eckhaus Latta show during New York Fashion Week on Friday

Little is known about her beau Hine, 27, who is a senior associate editor at GQ magazine.

He’s written a profile on John Mayer, which he called his favorite piece in an interview with Grailed.

He told the outlet that he grew in Chicago in a ‘prototypical sheltered suburban childhood experience’ before moving to New York.

‘I was in college during what I guess was the height of the #menswear era, and I read all the blogs, and was basically like, I could do that.

‘So I convinced a super fly English professor – shoutout Gage McWeeny – to let me do an independent study on fashion and I wrote some silly essays on, like, Oscar Wilde and fit pics. It was kind of insane that my conclusion from that was “I should get paid to do this stuff,” but here we are.’

He’s racked up over 23,000 followers on Instagram with selfies and photos of trendy outfits.

Kamala Harris’ model stepdaughter Ella Emhoff steps out with boyfriend Sam Hine at NY Fashion Week

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