Kylie Jenner Shares What Her Real Hair Looks Like Without Extensions

by : Emily Brown on : 11 Mar 2020 13:45

If you’ve been looking for some easy news to escape the constant coronavirus talk then look no further, because Kylie Jenner has shared what her hair looks like without extensions. 

I know, I know, after following Kylie’s hair journey through Keeping Up With The Kardashians and on her Instagram feed, it’s the revelation you’ve all been waiting for.

The model is probably best known for having fairly lengthy, black hair, though she has mixed things up in the past by showing off platinum blonde locks as well as purple, blue and even highlighter-coloured neon styles.

More recently she has sported long, wavy ombré hair, which earned her comparisons to Beyoncé.

Sometimes she wears wigs, other times she’s relying on extensions, and with all the variations it’s hard to know what Kylie’s natural hair actually looks like – until now.

The reality TV star took to her Instagram Story to give her followers an insight into a pamper day, where her extensions had been removed to leave only her real, chin-length hair behind.

Kylie’s hair was wet in the video, though she was evidently in the middle of another touch-up as hints of blonde highlights could still be seen running through her short, light-brown hair, which had been parted straight down the middle.

She captioned:

Roots almost there.

Kylie Jenner shows of natural hairKylie Jenner shows of natural hairKylie Jenner/Instagram

The lighter colour and short style makes a change from the last time she went au naturel, as a similar post shared in November revealed her hair was jet black and down to her collarbone.

Fans took to Twitter to express their surprise at her real hair, with one person pointing out whoever does Kylie’s extensions is very talented.

They wrote:

Damn Kylie Jenner has like no hair lol the video she just posted getting her hair done is like to her chin whoever is doing her extensions knows what they’re doing.

Kylie showed off the result of her pamper day with a post on Instagram yesterday, March 10, though she’d reverted back to extensions as the image showed her light brown hair reaching below her shoulders.

Considering her history of changing hairstyles, it’s unlikely her current style will last very long. It seems Kylie takes an ‘anything goes’ approach when it comes to her hair, so we’ll just have to rely on her Instagram posts to stay up to date!

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