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Kolkata: shooting range, the policemen were astounded by the accuracy of Dhoni. Even with incredible accuracy and performance of the teakkukeantu Kolkata Police Training School Dhoni and senior officials have responded to that.

Ostreliyumayulla ekadinattinulla mutanniyappealan practice due to the rain, the police training school, Dhoni ‘munni’yat. Training times before they reached the school, Dhoni. It is an old motor Satta King cycle vannanayirunnu. This time, listen to the interaction and the former captain of trainees visited the shooting range.

If ten meters, 25 meters range krtyayarnna officials after that Dhoni’s performance. Visits trayninskulin abhimanakaraman Dhoni. Vidiyeakkeappam said it shared treynikalkk praceadanamavumennum Police School Facebook page.

New Delhi: Former Indian captain MS Dhoni and BCCI has been for Padma Bhushan Award. This time, the award has been recommended patma only the name of Dhoni and BCCI. The Board recommended that the name of the ekakanthamayan by Dhoni. Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award in the country.

India captain MS Dhoni is guaranteed for two World Cup trophies. India captain Dhoni, the best figures you might have. Twenty-one-day World Cup 20 World Cup in 2007, won the 2011 La nayakatvattilan Dhoni. Dhoni received the country’s highest sporting award, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratnayum. Dhoni was awarded the Arjuna Award in tetiyettiyittunt avarjum.

36-year-old Dhoni has scored 9737 runs in 303 one-day matches. Dhoni scored 4876 runs in 90 Tests. Dhoni has played 78 matches and scored 1212 runs in T20. Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Chand Boral, devdar, CK Naidu, the Padma Bhushan Award and Lala Amarnath have received from the scene of cricket.

Evartan striker Jose Mourinho and Manchester United manager one day returning to Manchester yunairradilekk. No wonder that Mourinho had a place to return to their own fans, Rooney Old trapheardilekk a call.

Evarttanilekk came back and head on for the first time after the coming into marinneayute Rooney of Manchester yunairradinetire response. Wayne Rooney of Manchester yunairradineappam abstention, after 13 years of his childhood matannippeayat evarttanilekk kaliccuvalarnna. Provided such great contributions to the history of the club’s players, they say, How terruparayanakumenn marinnea a call back. ‘ Manchester United won the Premier League under five kiritannalayirunnu Runic.

Thus all of the English klabukalilum. Fans will not be allowed to lose a player of the team is an integral part. Teams and players have kalattilirannumpeal it back to the Old trapheardilayalum, the biggest phenomenon in Stafford bridjilayalum. Manchester United manager says it’s no wonder.

After nerittatin everyone’s drunk driving lawsuit carefully Manchester Center runiyayirunnu kalikkalattilekkettiya yunairradinetire. Veddin a few people could be found to the ring without Rooney iranniyatenn fans.

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