Limp Bizkit have experienced something of a career revival this year, introducing new material and hits alike to a new generation in a headline-generating Lollapalooza set in July, and releasing Still Sucks, their first new album in a decade, on Halloween.

Still Sucks opens with Out of Style, a hell-raiser of a song that we named one of our essential guitar tracks last week, largely due to guitarist Wes Borland’s kinetic, whammy bar-driven opening riff.

We weren’t the only ones impressed with the song either. It’s already inspired a host of covers, some of which were sent directly to, and drew the attention of, Borland himself. 

To correct mistakes he saw in some of the covers, and to offer some tone tips for the song, Borland took to Instagram over the weekend to give fans an up-close look at how the riff should be played. You can check out the resulting video below.

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Armed with one of his trademark Jackson V electric guitars, the Limp Bizkit guitarist wastes little time in getting right to it, attacking the riff with laser-like precision and ferocious aggression.

After finishing it off, Borland notes that “you want to have a Boss [NS-2] Noise Suppressor [or a similar pedal] at the front of your chain in order to really clamp that [the riff] down,” and for the mutes in between the jerks of the whammy bar.

Borland also mentions in the video’s caption that he’s tuned to B, F#, B, E, G#, C# for the song.

It’s not the world’s most in-depth tutorial, but if you wanted to have a go at the riff yourself, it’s certainly a good reference point to start from.