OKLAHOMA CITY, OK-  Police have identified the Canadian County sheriff’s deputy who was killed in a crash on the Northwest Expressway on Friday morning.

The two-car crash that took place in northwest Oklahoma City involved the unmarked patrol car of Lt. Shirley Lanning, which Oklahoma City police confirmed the sheriff’s deputy died from her sustained injuries.

According to Oklahoma City police, preliminary details show that Lt. Lanning’s patrol vehicle was headed westbound on the Northwest Expressway when the crash occurred.

For reasons yet not known, Lt. Lanning’s vehicle then veered into oncoming traffic, where her car collided head-on with another vehicle that was headed eastbound.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Sheriff Lt. Shirley Lanning, who devoted her life to keeping our communities safe & who was greatly admired by all who knew her. My prayers are with her family, friends, loved ones & the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office. https://t.co/tAHf8UfMmn

— Rep. Tom Cole (@TomColeOK04) February 15, 2020

Police say the other car involved attempted to avoid colliding with Lt. Lanning’s vehicle, but another vehicle on the roadway blocked the driver’ ability to circumvent crashing.

The two people inside the other car were reported as suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

When first responders tended to the wreckage, Lt. Lanning was extracted from her car and transported to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

So very sorry for the loss. R.I.P. Lt. Shirley Lanning. https://t.co/xhtuj9qxde

— Elaine Ham (@ElainesHam60) February 15, 2020

A statement that was released on the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page detailed the following statement from Sheriff Chris West:

“It is with a very heavy heart that I request prayerful support for our Canadian County Sheriff’s Office family at the loss of Lieutenant Shirley Lanning. Shirley was suddenly taken from us this morning in a car crash while on duty.”

The Sheriff’s statement acknowledged the loss for the department as well as those close to her that are mourning her passing. Sheriff West’s statement also asked to keep Lt. Lanning’s husband and family in everyone’s prayers.

Sheriff West spoke with news crews after the passing of Lt. Lanning, and described that he never could have seen something like this coming.

He stated that she held a career in law enforcement for over 30 years collectively. Her law enforcement career began at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

She later moved on to working as a part of the campus police for the University of Central Oklahoma, from where she eventually retired from. Thereafter, she spent the last six years working at the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff shared fond memories of when he first met Lt. Lanning years ago:

“I met her when I was a trooper back in the mid-80s, and she was a jailer at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. I remember going in, I’d be going in there to take somebody, book them in and Shirley was just, she was the same then. She was a pistol.”

Captain Adam Flowers from the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office didn’t just lose a dedicated co-worker on Friday, but described having lost a friend:

“It was tough to lose not just a good deputy, but a great friend.”

While the investigation into the crash is continuing, authorities aren’t aware of any medical issues present within Lt. Lanning that might have contributed to the crash. Still, her service photograph will adorn the halls of the sheriff’s office and serve as an homage to her dedication to law enforcement.

Captain Flowers noted on the sentiment of Lt. Lanning being gone, but never being forgotten:

“She’ll always be in the department. She’s part of our family and just because she’s not with us here on earth anymore, I mean she’s with us in spirit.”

It’s always a troubling day to report the loss of any first responder, especially when they’ve dedicated their life and career to helping and serving others. We here at Law Enforcement Today will be praying for the family of Lt. Lanning in hopes that they’ll be able to carry on after her tragic passing.

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In the meantime in the ongoing war on law enforcement… federal immigration officials have made an arrest in what’s being described as a ‘credible death threat’ against NYPD.

That individual is an MS-13 gang member.

Late Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents brought in Armando Clemente-Ramos.

Our sources at NYPD tell us he’s one of the men suspected of threatening officers in the 41st Precinct and elsewhere in the Bronx.

“It’s a gang that wants to make sure they are part of the action,” our source told us.  “It doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us.”

Local media outlets are reporting that the gang member was identified through “immigration-related leads”.  It’s not clear at this point how the threat came in, but we’re told it wasn’t through social media.

Clemente-Ramos is an illegal immigrant.  He’s currently being held on immigration-related charges by the feds, we’re told.

Local media is reporting the arrest was made to just “get the guy off the street”, and that other charges might be coming.

As we reported earlier Thursday, there’s now a credible threat of assassinations on NYPD officers.

The information was put out on Thursday by the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (SBA) of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

NYPD COPS ASSASSINATION THREAT- the attached notice has been distributed throughout NYPD Commands. REMAIN ALERT – respond with back up on all 9/11 calls. pic.twitter.com/1EyaXMB0Ep

— SBA (@SBANYPD) February 13, 2020

The credible threat was specifically made against officers working in the area of the 41st Precinct where two NYPD officers were shot less than a week ago.

“WARNING – MUST READ NYPD COPS ASSASSINATION THREAT- the attached notice has been distributed throughout NYPD Commands. REMAIN ALERT – respond with back up on all 9/11 calls,” the SBA said.

Along with the tweet was a snapshot of the memo that NYPD officials had apparently sent out.

“Desk Officers  – Following information must be passed along and shared with every MOS assigned to your command,” noted the memo.

MOS means ‘member of service’.

The note went on with more details.

“Investigative units have received a credible threat of an individual that may attempt to shoot a NYPD MOS, in particular, a 41 Pct MOS.  All MOS are being advised to be vigilant and alert. Stationhouse security must be posted on all tours,” the note continued.

And it’s supposed to continue indefinitely.

“Please advise all MOS and continue to read this message at Roll Calls until further notice,” the memo went on.

It’s a threat that doesn’t come as a surprise to retired NYPD officers.

“The current climate in NYC is a direct result of the city’s poor leadership at city hall and the continued lack of intestinal fortitude of department brass from one regime to another,” said David Chianese. 

Chianese is a retired decorated NYPD detective.  And he’s not the only one who is disgusted.

“This is a direct result of the attacks on both police and the rule of law from Mayor de Blasio and the Governor,” said a high ranking official with NYPD who was not authorized to speak publicly.  “We’re afraid this war on our guys is just beginning.”

Retired NYPD police officer and integral member of Brothers Before Others Rob O’Donnell wasn’t about to be quiet about the threat.

“The leaders of NYC should look up the definition of cowardice. When the Chief of the NYC Corrections department instructs members not to wear identifiable clothing, and to ensure there is nothing that identifies one as law enforcement is visible on their vehicles, and the Chief of Detectives sends out a department wide alert of a possible assassination attempt, maybe we should lessen the talk and memos, and start taking more action,” said O’Donnell.

He didn’t pull any punches.

“In the past, when you take the fight to a NYC Police Officer, it’s all hands on deck. Full enforcement in the communities, zero tolerance on crime, take the critical response units from tourist areas and put them in front of station houses.”

O’Donnell said it’s time to fight back.

“It’s time for police leadership to be loud and clear with fare warning, ‘if you harm a NYC Police Officer, we will hunt you down, we will find you, and if necessary end your existence on this earth.’ It’s time for this nations law enforcement to go on offensive.”

Police say that on Saturday night, Robert Williams engaged two officers in a conversation before drawing and firing a weapon at point blank range. Luckily, both of the officers survived the encounter. Then, less than 12 hours later, Williams marched into the 41st Precinct and fired on the officers working there, striking one lieutenant in the arm. 

After emptying his magazine, Williams was seen on security footage throwing his gun down and surrendering.

Video of the precinct shooting can be seen below.

Most police officers blame suspect Robert Williams for his cold-blooded attempts on their lives, but new reports show that some are apparently pointing the finger at officers in the Bronx. 

A report from the New York Post uncovered some of the feelings from local residents. 

One store owner in the borough said that because police officers regularly ignore crime and turn their backs on delinquent behavior, they’ve created a feeling of tolerance for lawlessness. 

“This neighborhood now, there’s too much trouble. A lot of people after 5, 6 o’clock there are six, seven, eight, 10 people, drinking alcohol, smoking weed,” business owner Ahmed El Nage said.

He told the Post that he wasn’t surprised at all to see the vicious attack made against members of the NYPD, saying they “look the other way” too often. 

Maybe someone ought to tell El Nage about the ridiculous attempts at “reform” that are ruining the criminal justice system in New York City, leaving police officers scrambling to pick up the pieces. 

A source close to the investigation said that the 41st Precinct is in an especially dangerous area and after the initial assassination attempt, should’ve had armed security standing guard.

“If any command should have had station house security, the 41 should have had it… there’s supposed to be somebody outside at all times,” the source said.

“There’s supposed to be a cop assigned outside of the precinct to make sure something like this doesn’t happen, especially after what happened yesterday. The department has become too complacent.”

Let’s look at Williams’ history in the system. He was a career criminal out on parole when he carried out the attacks. Police say that he’s got a lengthy criminal history, including a homicide conviction. He was recently sprung from custody after being brought in on a heavy weaponry charge. 

“He just got out for a machine gun charge,” said a source inside the department. 

But right… let’s blame the cops.

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