Canada-based artist is a favorite of ours here on Bloody Disgusting, as well as his newest art collection reimagines your favorite horror symbols as timeless paints!

A lot more particularly, Therrien devoted himself to whipping up each and every single iteration of both Freddy Krueger and also Jason Voorhees as expressionist-style paints, touching upon the traditional looks of both as well as likewise illustrating their most strange appearances. He’s included purple and also blue Jason from the NES video game, as an example, and also Dream Kid‘s Super Freddy.

In total there are 8 pieces in the Elm Street collection as well as thirteen in the Friday the 13th collection, and for Halloween he’ll be tackling the looks of Michael Myers next.

The collection also consists of standalone pieces of other famous horror personalities such as Ghostface, Wendy Torrance, Leatherface, Pennywise and also Valak, to name a few.

Therrien is providing restricted version authorized and phoned number giclee art prints of the pictures (5 × 7 ″ printed on coldpress watercolour paper with historical inks) over in his online store.