On Thursday, former White House Press Secretary and Fox News contributor Kayleigh McEnany shredded the Biden administration for their special treatment of public figures hesitant of taking the COVID-19 vaccine versus everyday Americans.

On the segment ‘Outnumbered,’ McEnany discussed how the Biden administration reportedly invited rapper Nicki Minaj to a call with one of the Biden administration’s doctors to address her concerns over the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine. This move from the White House followed a social media uproar after Minaj took to Twitter this week to voice her concerns of the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that she will get vaccinated once she’s “done enough research” – something she claims she’s currently working on. 

“Look, the White House puts a lot of stock in celebrities and social media stars. Remember that social media star – I don’t even know his name – who they invited to the White House days before Afghanistan collapsed? And he was essentially allowed to run around the press secretary’s office? So, really interesting to see how much stock they’ll put in celebrities. You get a different treatment,” McEnany said as she opened her remarks. The “social media star” she is referring to is Benito Skinner, who filmed a sketch for his social media platforms with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in early August. Before that, the White House hosted singer Olivia Rodrigo to push vaccination efforts.

“Her [Minaj], we’ll invite her to the White House, we’ll cozy up to her, but you, average Americans who haven’t gotten vaccinated, here’s what we’ll say about you,” McEnany added. They then played a clip of President Biden’s remarks at the White House stating “[t]he vast majority of you who’ve gotten vaccinated – I understand your anger at those who haven’t gotten vaccinated. If you break the rules, be prepared to pay.”

Last week, Biden announced new coronavirus vaccine mandates that require federal workers to be fully vaccinated and require private companies with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccines for their workers or be subject to regular testing. 

“We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers,” Biden said in his remarks. “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”