Men Are Now Turning Their Beards Into Bouquets In New Fashion Trend

From basic shrubbery essentials to radiant forest-like beards, this trend is certainly picking up pace.

By Naveen A

April 5, 2021

Nature certainly finds its way onto the most trending of phenomenons on the internet. You guys may remember ‘No Shave November’ as the month when dudes prefer to grow their beards out for the coming winter. Now, we see something going on as we approach spring, with bearded men being the center of attention. The coming of the warmer days has been accompanied by a fine trend of decorating one’s beard with flowers. 

Yes, granted, flowers have traditionally been more associated with feminity, but in this day and age, inclusivity and gender-neutrality are leading the way. There is nothing ‘unmanly’ about this, and it’s actually quite adorable, giving a lot of people a lot of smiles. Furthermore, it adds a somewhat festive spirit to the air, not the Christmasy kind, but more of a spring break with a gorgeous bloom of flowers all around. 

An artist called Hayley Shae has been working with florals in an effort to bring her pieces to life. She decided to weave flowers into a beard for an art exhibition and the result was absolutely stunning. Not only men but drag queens have also hopped in on the trend. This flower fantasy beard looks really great with some eye makeup, and maybe a companion animal to have by your side.

The best part is that you have so many flowers to choose from, you might just end up trying different ones. If you are someone who has a big beard, then you would really not want to miss out on this fine opportunity to try out a style for yourself. All you have to do is arrange your flower of choice across your beard at specific parts where they may remain stable. 

Wearing flowers in one’s hair has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world. It is still a very important part of basic grooming in many countries in Asia, most notably the Indian subcontinent. However, with men and beards, this could certainly be a thing of the future too. After all, fashion is ever-changing and we keep seeing new and wonderful things every day. 

Check out some more amazing styles of the flower beard below. Note that, some people have certain allergies to certain flowers, and may cause reactions on the skin. Most of the popular ones shouldn’t really have any impact though, despite your skin tone and beard structure. It’s time for a very colorful season of spring!