Get over here! A producer on the Mortal Kombat movie has opened up about the hotly anticipated video game adaptation, revealing that fledgling plans are in place for a Marvel-style cinematic universe. A good thing, too, given how one iconic Mortal Kombat fighter didn’t make it through the initial drafting stage.

Todd Garner said (via Den of Geek) that the potential scope for a Mortal Kombat franchise expansion is massive: “It’s like the Marvel Universe…it’s endless,” says Garner, when referring to the movie’s fatality-filled source material. “So we started from the premise ‘What would Marvel do?'”

The Mortal Kombat movie, it seems, is just ground zero – much like Marvel’s Phase One. As reported by on the Mortal Kombat set visit, “the goal is for Mortal Kombat to serve as a film franchise-starter, thereby establishing a Mortal Kombat Universe akin to the DCEU or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

That means many familiar faces from Mortal Kombat past are likely to be included in potential sequels, including ones that were left on the cutting room floor for the first movie.

Collider confirms that one such combatant, water-wielding fighter Rain who first appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, won’t be appearing despite originally being part of the movie’s plans.

Those who are appearing, though, are making quite the impression. The first Mortal Kombat movie trailer is littered with brutal fight scenes and a colorful cast of characters eager to shatter bones and slice through skin. With any luck, it might just be the start of the MKCU.

Mortal Kombat is coming to theaters and HBO Max in the US on April 16. The movie will be available in UK cinemas later in 2021.