After almost 20 years of marital relationship, my physical desire for my wife is absolutely insatiable. I have a stimulating, engaging work, but invest much of the day fantasising regarding her. Fortunately, I am satisfied most nights when we make love passionately.

I don’t want to be among those males who sulks or controls in order to get sex, so I do my finest to take it on the chin when it’s plainly off the table. I have agitated night and day when I recognize I’m becoming as well requiring, and need to enforce stringent self-control. Thankfully, my better half has an effective sex drive, also, however often she asks if I largely enjoy her for her body. In all honesty, I do not know the solution.

I never ever fantasise about other women or see pornography; I find seductive images of my partner extra arousing than any kind of complete strangers online. I dread the onset of her duration and possibly track her cycle more closely than she does. When it comes, it can last a complete, agonising week. The very first evening afterwards is large bliss.

I have a few leisure activities, however these frequently feel like loading time away from my true interest. I bitterly resent my job when it leaves me also exhausted for intercourse. I am an otherwise temperate person, but in some cases I question if I’m addicted to virginal sex. Then once again, there are even worse dependencies.

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