Written by Leah Asmelash, CNN
A typical magazine cover shoot is a big team effort — with photographers, make up artists and stylists all playing pivotal parts.
But now, in an age of coronavirus and social distancing, that is changing. And that means that the Naomi Campbell, appearing on the May/June cover of Essence in celebration of both their 50th birthdays, did her own hair, make up and styling for the shoot.
If that wasn’t enough, she shot the whole cover shoot herself, on her iPhone — a first for the magazine.
In a tweet from the story, Campbell called the circumstances “a very special honor and unusual experience,” while turning the attention to those out of work due to the pandemic.
“While it was a sad reminder for me of all the people in media and production who are not able to work due to the coronavirus, it also brought me hope and encouragement to know that our people and our infrastructures are resilient,” she wrote. “We are rooted in knowledge and creativity and continue to take back full control of our narratives. We will come out of this stronger than ever.”
Campbell has spent many years in the fashion industry, being one of the most recognizable supermodels in the world. Like Essence Magazine, Campbell turns 50 this month.