Apparently, Toto guitarist and session king Steve Lukather’s neighbors have made a habit of having their gardeners and their leaf-blowers come by in the very early hours of the morning. 

Now, just about anyone would probably be annoyed by this after awhile, and might lodge a complaint. Lukather however, decided to take a different route when the gardeners showed up once again. 

Still in his pajamas, Ernie Ball Music Man signature model in hand, Lukather placed an amp on a trampoline in his backyard, turned it in the direction of his neighbors’ house, cranked it all the way (and we mean all the way) up, and unleashed a tsunami of shred that probably would’ve been audible miles away.

“What happens when the dickhead neighbors’ gardener starts up 10 blowers at 7am! #goodmorningsunshine #fuckyou,” Lukather wrote in the caption to the video. You can check it out below.

A photo posted by @stevelukatherofficial on Aug 11, 2020 at 7:44am PDT

Zakk Wylde, Bumblefoot, Joe Bonamassa, Phil X, Doug Aldrich and other famous axe-wielding pals all voiced their approval in the video’s comment section, with Phil X writing “We’ve all thought of doing this but you did.”

I think it’s safe to say his neighbors were probably not as appreciative of the impromptu performance.