TAMPA, Fla. — Ten different styles, 150 different colors, serving more than 18,000 Muslim women in Tampa Bay.

DAZ Hijab is one of the newest stores in the Westfield Brandon Mall, and one of the only brick-and-mortar stores to sell hijabs in all of Tampa Bay.

It started as an online store, but Khalifeh says she needed a way to bring Muslim women together to represent their culture, and have fun while doing it.

What You Need To Know

  • DAZ Hijab opens in Brandon Mall as one of few Bay area places selling hijabs
  • Store serving more than 18,000 Muslim women in Bay area
  • DAZ Hijab

“When you do something you love and like you, you’re going to put all your effort into that thing. And this is how I work in my store and this is how I work on my designs,” said Eman Khalifeh, owner of DAZ Hijab.

Khalifeh has dedicated her life to to combining culture with fashion.

“Hijab is a dress code in the islam religion. And the dress code for Islamic religion in general is related to modesty,” said Khalifeh. “They can feel it, they can try it, it’s what they’re looking for. It’s like the designs they’re looking for,” said Khalifeh.

Everything from hijabs, to also beautiful modest dresses, head wraps, and scarves.

The options, she says, have left her clientele shocked, and for her, the clientele has also shocked her.

“Our customers is from all over the communities. We have from the Jewish community, Christian, the American people even. They start entering the store and ask, ‘Can you teach me how you wrap it, why you wear it.’ They start asking questions,” said Khalifeh.

Bringing people together from all different backgrounds through the common language of fashion.