China’s clinical community has entered the discussion concerning the wave of fresh-faced, androgynous Chinese male stars called,” or little fresh meat. Their final thought after excavating into this phenomenon? Blame the CIA.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is the leading research study establishment for the social sciences under the Chinese State Council, released a record declaring that the CIA was liable for the rise of “womanly” male celebrities throughout Asia.

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According to The Times, the , called “Do you recognize just how tough the CIA is functioning?” condemns the increase of “feminine male musicians” and also pinpoints their origins to Johnny & & Associates, a talent firm begun by American-born Japanese entrepreneur Johnny Kitagawa. It claims that Kitagawa colluded with the CIA to “deteriorate the male character of Japanese society,” which caused the effeminization of celebs throughout Asia, spreading to China.

Xiao xian rou stardom, its succeeding appeal requirement, and the crazed that followed across China are well-documented. The Chinese federal government has been even more than clear on its contempt for these celebrities, that stand in straight contradiction the Chinese ideal of the vital, patriotic, and also macho guy. Last September, Xinhua, the state news company, condemned these stars as “niang pao,” or “sissy,” and also claimed they were damaging to society.

Yet despite the criticism, fans of “little fresh meat” celebrities such as Luhan and also TFBoys appear to be simply as committed as ever before. Many claim that these idolizers stand for a altering of gender functions in a highly patriarchal society. Some simply like them because they’re quite. Whatever the factors behind their surge, this brand-new record reveals that such adjustments may not be welcome by everybody.

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