During most showings, viewing a bathroom is probably just a quick peek in, and a comment of “nice” or, alternatively, “hideous.”

But the main floor bathroom in a Jamaica Plain condo happens to be missing a key feature: the door. And some prospective buyers are saying “boo” when they view this loo, as the only thing separating the toilet from the open doorway is a narrow piece of frosted glass.

“The toilet being exposed like that is what really catches people off guard and makes them really uncomfortable,” Robert Nichols, the property’s listing agent, told Boston.com.

Listed for $899,000, the condo at 302 South St., #2, features four bedrooms, and three full bathrooms on two floors with 2,000 square feet of space. It includes brick accents, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and hardwood floors throughout. The non-traditional design choices seem to end with the one bathroom.

Nichols believes the developer was trying to go for a “more progressive” feel, he said, but “I don’t necessarily know if it meets the needs of the buyer.”

What’s more, he said is the wall of windows faces out onto the street, viewable to whoever is seated on the throne. 

“That really is what shocks people,” he said. “There’s no privacy. You’re exposed.”

It’s a large bathroom, he said, and is about the size of a living room or dining room. There’s a small partition of frosted glass between the not-so-private privy and the sink. On the other side of the toilet is a shower with a see-through door.

“The other thing, I think, that makes it hard – that’s the only bathroom on that level,” Nichols said, noting that there are two others upstairs. “That would kind of have to be the guest bathroom or the most-used bathroom if you have people over.”

The property’s been on the market for about a week, and it’s gotten traffic. A showing last Saturday had multiple buyers walk through, and there’s more requesting to see it. However, if an offer doesn’t come soon, Nichols said his team plans to close the space off with a door.

Though he hasn’t seen a toilet out in the open like that before, Nichols said it does remind him of 14 Albion St., Hyde Park, which just sold. The property included a master suite with a shower in the open, viewable from the bed. The toilet, however, was tucked away in its own area with a door.

The Jamaica Plain property is a foreclosed home, and is fully renovated, he said. No one has lived there since the work was finished. 

“We’re all kind of taking it in,” Nichols said.