Parading Celebrities to Save Wild Horses: Does it Help Wild Horses? Or the Non-profits?

Photo by: William E. Simpson II – “Over the past 7-years living among and studying free-roaming wild horses, I am privledged to catch special moments.

A family band of wild horses symbiotically grazed-in a firebreak, ecologically mediating wildfire fuels in a remote forest in a critical wilderness area; important protection for ancient conifers

Intensive ongoing close-observational study of wild horses in wilderness ecosystems has unveiled new understandings of their evolved symbiotic status with flora and fauna. Photo: Carla Bowers

The award-winning micro-documentary ‘Wild Horses’ tells an important story. Photo: William E. Simpson II

The vigor of native species American wild horses depends upon ongoing evolutionary ‘Natural Selection’. Selective breeding of wild horses using drugs like PZP and casual choice of culling wild horse leads to genetic bottleneck and extinction Photo: William E. Simpson II

There’s no doubt that today, wild horses and burros are in their darkest hour. And human meddling is closing the door on their future.

Even on a large animal struck correctly, the dart [contraceptive PZP and GonaCon darts] can cause hemorrhage and hematoma. Misplaced shots can break bones or even kill the animal”

— Thomas and Marburger 1964


— Thomas and Marburger 1964

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Award-winning documentary: ‘Fuel Fire and Wild Horses’

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