Disney Pin trading is probably the first Disney collection I ventured into. Of course, now I’m all about collecting Minnie Mouse ears. So why not combine the two? These fun Pin Trading Minnie Ears are a great way to bring the two collectibles together with style.

If you weren’t able to grab the new pin trading ears at Disney Springs, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! There are several varieties available on Etsy, and even Loungefly has a new pair!

Best Day Ever Ears Co probably has the first pair of Pin Trading ears I remember seeing. They are definitely the first ones I think about when someone mentions pin trading ears. These are a classic cork pair, with a charming denim bow. The bow is beautifully folded and makes these ears stand out.

The Etsy shop swrightscenic has a fun twist on the pin ears too! They actually do a cork bow! You can get the ears trimmed with different colored pom poms as well.

Emperors Handmade offers stunning cork ears in classic cork, or black! I love that they offer different colors for the cork ears. Plus they also offer a variety of bow styles as well! I love it when I can have options, and be different.

Pinnie Mouse Trading Co has a selection of trading ears with sequins! I will never turn down sparkles. These ears not only have a sequined bow, but also a sequined headband. This shop also offers the ability to customize your ears by choosing the color bow, or headband you want.

Display Your Ears and Pins Together!

If you want to display your ears and pins together, there is also this option from Collectibly Nerdy. This is a display that you can add pins to, as well as showcase your ears on top of!

Lastly, we have the new Stitch Shoppe ears by Loungefly. Stitch Shoppe is an incredible new style line from Loungefly, that also included new Minnie Ears! These stunning ears have little micro-holes like the Disney Store flair collection. They are also polka-dotted, and who doesn’t love some polka dot style? These would also be perfect for displaying the new collectible pins that come with the new Stitch Shoppe clothing pieces too.

Are you a fan of Pin Trading Minnie Ears? Which pair is your favorite?

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