Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has actually announced the federal government is right away positioning a ban on 1,500 designs as well as versions of certain assault-style tools that have been used in mass capturings in Canada and abroad.

“Effective right away, it is no more permitted to buy, market, transportation, import or utilize military-grade attack weapons in this nation,” Trudeau claimed.

The head of state described the sweeping guidelines as “closing the marketplace” on these tools in Canada.

This is being done by transforming the category of these weapons in Canada, moving them from non-restricted or limited class, to “prohibited.”

The head of state discussed how every Canadian can bear in mind the day they realized exactly how “a male with a weapon might irrevocably change our lives for the even worse.”

Citing a list of mass capturings in Canada, Trudeau stated they “shape our identity” and also “tarnish our conscience,” as well as are happening increasingly more often.

The head of state is making the statement alongside Deputy Prime Preacher Chrystia Freeland, Justice Priest David Lametti, and Public Security Minister Bill Blair on Parliament Hillside.

The restriction consists of guns that have been used in previous Canadian shootings, such as:

One more among the weapons on Canada’s list of government banned weapons is the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which was used by the gunman that eliminated 50 people at a Christchurch, New Zealand mosque in 2019, in addition to in various other mass capturings in the USA including the Sandy Hook and also Las Vegas carnages. A handful of similar designs are likewise on the listing, as well as guns with muzzle energy exceeding 10,000 joules and those with qualities exceeding 20 millimeters.

Blair, a former cops chief, has been stickhandling the federal government’s weapon plan as well as he stated that “from this moment onward, the variety of these guns will only lower in Canada.”

Noting that the “substantial bulk” of weapon proprietors use them securely and also lawfully, the federal government is putting in location a two-year amnesty duration to shield those with these guns from criminal obligation till they can take actions to follow the new regulations.

Much less than a month after the Christchurch strike, New Zealand Head Of State Jacinda Ardern and her government banned most automatic and semi-automatic weapons in addition to parts to change existing tools. Trudeau was set up to talk to Ardern on Friday.

The action has actually been cabinet-approved and also the reclassification of these tools can be done via an order-in-council instead of regulations, though future weapon control measures are anticipated to be presented.


In the wake of the mass shooting that eliminated 22 individuals in Nova Scotia earlier this month, Trudeau stated he planned on pressing ahead with the Liberal election promise of banning military-style attack weapons.

Referencing this month’s Nova Scotia rampage, Trudeau said the targets’ family members “are entitled to greater than thoughts as well as prayers.”

“This chapter in our history can not be revised, but what takes place following is up to us. We can stay with thoughts and petitions alone, or we can unify as a nation and placed an end to this,” Trudeau stated.

On Friday, Trudeau reiterated his setting that weapons developed to kill the most people in the shortest amount of time have no location in Canada.

He has formerly claimed that the federal government was “on the brink” of continuing on gun control regulations prior to the pandemic caused Parliament to put on hold.

Anticipated in future regulation is a buyback program for military-style assault rifles purchased legally in Canada, tougher safe-storage laws, and also enhanced penalties for contraband guns into Canada. The federal government has actually additionally dedicated to punish hand guns.

In the last Parliament, the Liberals made changes to the regulations associated with weapon possession, consisting of widening background checks for weapon owners, toughening guidelines around the transport of pistols, and also boosting record-keeping needs for the sale of weapons. It likewise reversed adjustments made by the previous Conservative government and the federal Tories have promised to reverse these adjustments.

Trudeau called Friday’s news the “next action” in their gun control policy, as well as stated he’s already spoken to other event leaders concerning future regulations.