Melania has to be the most snubbed First Lady in generations.

While Michelle Obama was often fawned over by various fashion magazines, former model Melania has been shunned by the industry, being kept off of magazines for four consecutive years.

The same media that tells you this is the most “beautiful woman” in the world, also expects you to believe that Joe Biden won 80+ million “legal” votes.

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But President Trump just went up to bat for his wife, calling out these elitist snobs for ignoring his wife’s unbelievable elegance and beauty.

The greatest of all time. Fake News!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 25, 2020

And many other’s agree with Trump that Melania is one of the most graceful First Ladies in decades.

Melania is the most beautiful First Lady of all time. ♥️

It’s a sick joke especially when we had to see Michael Obama & his 5 O’clock shadow plastered on every magazine or on every talk show for 8 years even had to stomach him dancing with Ellen on her show that captures his package moving back and fourth as they danced. Lol but true!

Those magazines aren’t worthy of someone as beautiful and pure as she is now they only have people who are moral less on the covers or evil I hope I never see her on the cover of those magazines they are not worthy

Seriously! And she is way prettier than Michelle Obama. She also does a lot more. @MichelleObama did nothing!!!

Had the First Lady been the spouse of a Democrat, she would have been one of the most talked about in history. Classy, elegant, fashionable, a mother, and an immigrant that speaks several languages. A great example that the American Dream is still possible.

Their loss. They could have sold more copies than they ever have. Melania is the prettiest, most gracious and intelligent First Lady in US history; only fitting as she is matched with the most humorous, brilliant, big hearted Husband in our history.

Melania @FLOTUS has the hearts of Americans. Her grace, beauty and elegance is undeniable. She inspires people everywhere. Melania is the most beautiful First Lady we have ever been blessed with, beauty both inside and out. She’s in a league of her own! We love her!

It’s truly shameful how the media and the fashion industry has treated Melania.

But despite their best efforts, many Americans still see her as the epitome of class and grace.

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